SWTOR: Respec Time!

Okay, we are back again in a Star Wars: The Old Republic article, this time I want to talk about respec. So, Star Wars: The Old Republic is a new Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game based on the movie Star Wars and a single player Role-Playing Game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series. This time, the third installment of the series is developed by BioWare, that is responsible for spawning the revolutionary breed of Third-Person Shooter and Role-Playing Game, the Mass Effect series. This is the first time BioWare is developing an MMORPG.

Respec - SWTOR

Respec - SWTOR

Star Wars: The Old Republic offers fresh idea for MMORPG. Like the companion and crew skills system, and also, respec. So, what does respec means? Respec comes from the word respecialization. Respec is the ability to reset your skills back to zero so that you can “reshape” your character or undo the mistakes that you have made. It is a common system these days, seen to be used in World of Warcraft, Massive Action Game (M.A.G. PS3 exclusive FPS), and other games.

Maybe this is the situation that you are in. You chose to be a Sith Inquisitor and advanced your class to Sith Assassin. You thought that playing ninja style and decapitating republic dogs from behind is fun so, you leveled up the Deception skill tree. And you finally found out that sneaking is not as easy as chewing bacon sandwiches. You figured out that tanking is your real way of life, and here’s where the respec feature comes in. You can respec your character and level up the Darkness skill set instead. After a few hours, you feel like tanking is uncool unline assassin. And well, the awesome respec can come again. But, it doesn’t mean that you can change your class advancement. Choose your class advancement carefully.

Respec seems to be too good to be true. You can switch back and forth and try another sub-class or skills how many times you want. Well, the first time you respec your character, you needn’t to pay anything, not even a single credit. But the second time, you have to pay a small amount of credits, and it becomes more and more expensive each time you respec because the it is not something that you should do over and over again. The most expensive cost that I have ever seen is about 36 kilocredits. Whoa, that means the guy is a respec addict!

How to Respec Your Character in SWTOR?

So, how to respec your character? If you think that it is done just by opening the talent menu and clicking a respec button, you are wrong. There is no button called the respec button in the game. Instead, you got to find an NPC to respec your character. You can find the NPC in the same room with the class trainers in the Fleet Station. It is in the combat training area. And there is another one in Coruscant behind trade stands down below the Senate entrance.

Respec is proven to be very useful. You can use respec to change your specialization when you are going to slay monsters in PvE server or wreak havoc in PvP server. For example, you are a Sith Sorcerer. You have planned your character to be a damage dealer. So, you leveled up the Lightning skill tree. One day, a friend asked you to help him and his guild to raid a dungeon. But, the guild is already full of damage dealers and in need of a healer. In this kind of situation, you can shift to a healer by doing the respec thing and level up the Corruption skill set. Just don’t forget that respec is not freebies.

Deciding to respec your character now?