Romance with SWTOR Companions

SWTOR companions are available as a system that will help you in various conditions in the harsh world of MMORPG. They serve like minions that will do whatever you order them to do. SWTOR companions are the key in the crew skills system’s mechanic. You will be able to command them to do crafting, complete a mission, gather stockpiles and materials, and also help you in combat (only one companion is allowed to be taken out).

SWTOR companions aren’t give-and-take gifts from the developer. You will get a companion early in the game with no extra charge. But, to get other companions, you will have to put a good amount of efforts to look for them in the whole world since they are well-scattered. Like the rest of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series, there are moral choices, alignment, and affection. You can influence an evil companion into a lovely happy hippie or pervert your good, righteous SWTOR companions into a scary poker-faced villain that is capable of scaring children to death with pedo-smiles. So, your status and choices that you made will decide who will be your friendly SWTOR companions and who will be your greatest band of silly, hating SWTOR companions. You can also be friends with them. You can get one of them at a time to be your lover or simply your digital fantasy shagging partner (no gay relationship for now). It depends on what you do to them and how you treat them. You can give presents and talk about what they like to get positive affection points. For your info, you can see what the SWTOR companions like and dislike by going to the codex menu in the quest log and choose “Person of Note”. Further relationship with the SWTOR companions will get you unique rewards that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Other than that, you can also open new conversations and dialogs that can reveal the SWTOR companions dark secrets and past. Every companion has their storyline and secret quest if you can manage to make them tell you. Just what to expect from BioWare.

SWTOR Companions

SWTOR Companions

There are total of 42 companions, half for the Empire and the other half for the Republic. Each job gets 5 companions with various default alignment and one default droid companion. Every SWTOR companion has their unique skill and crew skills bonus. They also has their own class and equipment. For example, one of the Sith Warrior companion, Broonmark, is a melee tank character that will give you +2 Bioanalysis critical and +10 Scavenging efficiency.

Bored looking at your companion in a form of blue-colored alien chick called Vette? You can recolor your favorite blue-colored alien chick into a yellow-colored alien chick with a tattoo. But, extreme body modification is impossible. BioWare has prevented it so that you can’t ruin the gorgeous Jaesa Willsaam into a bad, ill-smelled, obese girl with a goatee. You are limited to only modify the appearance and customize the battle tactic of a companion, for a price. It will cost you 12,500 credits for a modification tool at the Smugglers Corso Rigg’s!

Feeling like you need some company? Be sure to play around with your SWTOR companions!