SWTOR Crew Skills: Unique!

SWTOR crew skills is a new system and the first time in the series. This system allows you to order your companions (friendly, hired NPC) to do things for you while you are out on a quest with your friends or even when you are offline. Companions can be ordered to do three kinds of things. You can command them to craft weapons and useful items, go gather resources, and complete solo missions on your behalf.

Since we can’t do everything alone, BioWare invented the SWTOR crew skills system to ease your pain in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Now, how does the SWTOR crew skills system works? First, the companions. You will need at least a companion (more likely a slave) to make use of the SWTOR crew skills system. Companions are scattered around the world. The first companion that you will meet is more likely to be the most helpful to your class. You can only “own” 5 companions at once. You can abuse their tirelessness to craft items in your ship, or take one out with you to help. Though you can only take one companion out, and leave the rest in the ship.

Before you are ready to boss your companions around, you have to understand the SWTOR crew skills system fully. There are 3 types of crew skills, which are Crafting, Mission, and Gathering. The assigned tasks are limited. Only 3 can be assigned to your whole crew. You can freely assign any crew skill you want, but only one crafting skill is allowed.

SWTOR Crew Skills

SWTOR Crew Skills

Gathering is one of SWTOR crew skills. You can give gathering errands to your companions. If they were successful, they would bring you rare items. Gathering can be done by the companions alone or rather with you. There are only 4 gathering skills, which are Scavenging, Slicing, Archaeology, and Bioanalysis.

Gathering - SWTOR Crew Skills

Gathering - SWTOR Crew Skills

Scavenging allows your companion to scavenge materials from damaged or rusty technology’s parts. Usually assigned alongside Armormech, Armstech, or Cybertech.

Slicing means breaking through locked boxes and high-security computer systems to get datas, schematics, and blueprints. Rarely used.

Archaelogy is one of the SWTOR crew skills in the Gathering category. When you assign the Archaeology crew skill, your crews will get the ability to search for ancient artifacts. You can use this skill with Artifice or Synthweaving.

Bioanalysis means that your companion will get you genetic material samples from plants and animals. Best assigned with Biochem.

Other than Gathering, there are still SWTOR crew skills. Now it is about Mission. Mission consists of errands on getting loots, seeking information, and other things that will benefit you. This crew skill consists of 4 sub-professions:

Mission - SWTOR Crew Skills

Mission - SWTOR Crew Skills

Underworld Trading
It is all about illegal trades and transactions. Like trading in a black market. Recommended to be paired with either Armormech, Synthweaving, or Cybertech.

Diplomacy means negotiation. It affects the moral side. Assigning Diplomacy with Biochem is a good idea.

Treasure Hunting
Treasure Hunting skill can get you rare crafting recipes. Usually taken with Artifice.

Letting your companions to investigate will net you some sweet secret and information. Actually, it is effective to equip with any crafting skill, but it is better to assign with Armstech.

Crafting involves raw materials. Your companion can craft armors, implants, and weapons. The raw materials can be obtained by gathering it yourself or by assigning Gathering task to one or more of your companions. Crafting is not only about constructing things, but you can get materials too. Using the reverse engineering, you can destroy items and get the materials. But, you can only reverse-engineer items if you have known the recipe before. Crafting could take only a few minutes of your time, but it is also possible to take many hours. Crafting skills are six, they are armormech, armstech, artifice, biochem, cybertech, and synthweaving. The quick description for the crafting skills are below:

Crafting - SWTOR Crew Skills

Crafting - SWTOR Crew Skills

This is the crafting skill to craft non-force armors and electrical shieldings. It is best assigned with Scavenging and Underworld Trading.

Armstech skill allow the companions to craft weapons. Scavenging and Investigation are the recommended crew skills to take with Armstech.

It is the crafting skill to make Jedi and Sith artifacts. Using this crew skill, you can produce lightsaber parts, modifications, and enhancement. Archaeology and Treasure Hunting are the best skills to assign along with Artifice.

Biochem is the art of crafting bio-chemical items like serums, medical packs, and implants. They are mainly used to boost the user’s strength. Assign Bioanalysis and Diplomacy with this crew skill.

Companions assigned with Cybertech skill are capable of crafting gadgets also parts for droids and high-technology armors. Best taken with Scavenging and Underworld Trading.

Synthweaving is crafting light armors with extraterrestrial elements. Armor that is crafted with the Synthweaving skill is suitable for Jedis and Siths. Archaelogy and Underworld Trading are the effective skills to accompany Synthweaving.

SWTOR crew skills system is a magnificent improvement, nuff said.