Battlefield 3 Guide for Dummies: Jobs

Honestly, I’m not a kind of pro or maniac or something else in Battlefield 3. I did not play Battlefield from the first game, I started playing from Battlefield 2. I skipped Battlefield: Bad Company due to savings crisis and continued playing Battlefield series from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 up to now. And here I am, sitting on my desk, writing a guide about jobs in Battlefield 3. Even though I’m not that MVP guys in Battlefield 3, but I can give you some explanation and quick tips on how to play your role. Let’s begin. Ready, steady, go!

To be a useful soldier in the multiplayer battles, you must have the ability to adapt. You have to change your job depending on what’s happening out there. You have to observe your surroundings, your enemies, and your teammates. I mean, when you are in a vehicle-based map, it is best to be an Engineer whether to support your team or to destroy the opposing team’s arsenal of vehicles. But, if there are already a lot of engineers in your team, it is better for you to choose another job to further effectively support the team. A medic to revive downed teammates or maybe a support to resupply your team’s rockets and ammos is not a bad idea. Don’t forget to remember my theory of adaptation: Surroundings, Friendlies, Enemies. Here are the detailed jobs descriptions and guide:

Battlefield 3 Jobs

Battlefield 3 Jobs

The docs play a huge role as the attackers in rush or in infantry-based conquest maps. They have the defibrillator, the tool of ultimate salvation. The assault rifles are their main weapon while they have medpack that can be replaced with the M320 grenade launcher or the M26 Mass shotgun.

In my version, there are 2 types of medic depending on their role and equipment. But regardless, medics still have to stick to the team. The first role is the Assault Medic and the second one is Support Medic.

Assault Medics are the docs that trade the ability to heal with an ability of destruction. They exchange the medpack with M320 GL or the M26 Mass shotgun. If you are this type of assault, an assault rifle equipped with underslung rail is highly recommended as an underslung M320/M26 is faster to switch to and has a faster reload time. Assault Medics’ job is to help breakthrough the frontline while still reviving teammates. M320 is used in a situation where the enemy is hiding behind a cover or hiding indoor. The M26 Mass acts as close-quarter battle weapon while the M320 also acts as a backup weapon.

Support Medics or Pure Medics are docs that dedicate their lives to heal and support the team. They don’t have the sheer force of destruction, but in exchange, they have the medpacks. If you play as this type of medic, make sure that you stay real close to your teammates. Killing is your second objective. Always provide medpack to teammates after gunfights or when taking cover. You have to be careful because you are the key of survival for your team.

Engineer are mechanics and the master of destruction. They are specially equipped with the rocket launchers. They also has the repair torch to repair tanks, the anti-tank mines, and also awesome EOD bot. I think engineers are engineers, no need to categorize it.

Use anti-tank mines when you are a defender. Place it in the main road where the tanks and vehicles usually pass. I would rather use a rocket launcher because it is more manageable. You will never know where the vehicles will go and which route they will take.

If you are in match with crazy pilots that kill a lot in the opposing team, use the STINGER or the IGLA to destroy the aerial vehicles. I don’t guarantee that every shot will hit, but if like 4 men are targeting and shooting the same vehicle with it, it will go down anytime soon. Only use the STINGER if there is SOFLAM around. STINGER is the worst launcher without the help of laser designation but the best on laser-designated targets. Don’t forget that if you are using RPG or SMAW, your targets are not only vehicles, but also buildings and covers with enemies in it.
If you seem to have trouble on planting charge or the armed M-COM that you are defending is filled with enemies, you can try the EOD bot to do the arming and disarming in the behalf of you.

Support soldiers are heavy-armed soldier that bring packs of ammo along with a light machine gun. Their main job is to support the assault medics and provide ammo resupplies to the team. Supports also have some exceptional equipment like C4, Claymore, and the mortar. I categorize it into 2: The passive supports and aggressive supports.

Most passive supports use LMGs as they main weapon instead of PDWs and shotguns. It is better to attach the bipod instead of foregrip to the LMG. They utilize all gadgets. You will wait a lot or move slowly and carefully when you choose this job. If you are a defender, it is best to place claymores in different places. It is recommended to place claymores on the corner of a turn or in narrow places. You wait calmly for the enemy with deployed bipod. And you can set the C4 around the M-COM area to trap the enemies. When you are in the attacker team, you can use mortar to provide support with smoke shells or bombard the M-COM area with explosive shells. Stay close to your mates and go prone a lot. You are not the front-most soldier. But you are the supporting one. But don’t forget to give ammo to every friendly that you meet.

The aggressive ones use the LMGs and sometimes the shotguns, mostly seen the USAS-12 with frag rounds. If you choose to be an aggressive support, your main objective is to plant the charge or take flags in Conquest. You can use C4 to blow up tanks or guard armed M-COMs. Claymores are also useful to trap charge-defusing enemies. The mortar is not needed. Remember that you often drop ammo packs.

The last job is recon. Recons have gadgets that are used for the sake of spotting and targetting. The sniper rifles are their primary weapon. You can choose between MAV, SOFLAM, and T-UGS. There are 2 kinds of recon, the stealth recon and the sniper recon.

Stealth recons give the team a really big advantage. They use the T-UGS along with the Spawn Beacons to help the team. Stealth recons are going behind the enemy line without them knowing. Then they place the radio beacon somewhere hidden without the enemy realizing. And boom, the enemy M-COM will be full of friendlies in no time and the enemy will be surprised. You can use sniper rifles with ACOG or red dot sight. The Laser attachment is recommended for easier and stable hipfire or if you are confident enough, use the suppressor to hide your gun’s muzzle flash and noticeable sound. But if you can’t do the quick-snipe thing, you are free to use your favorite PDW instead. Don’t kill a lot of enemies when you are sneaking, but if you want to kill one, make sure that the opposing team won’t realize. Place T-UGS near the M-COM or around the flag area in Conquest mode.

The sniper recons are the dwellers of the back-most line. Prone, looking for prey with their zoom scope. Like the name, sniper recons use sniper. They are the long-range warrior. If you feel that you are a good sniper, you can try to do marksman headshots from afar. My record is silly, only 420 metres. To support your team, use MAV to spot enemies and SOFLAM to designate target. The combination of mortar and MAV is indeed deadly. I’ve seen it in a lot of battles.