SWTOR Inquisitor: Elegant Sith Class

SWTOR Inquisitor is one of the eight default classes and one of two Sith Empire classes that utilize Force. SWTOR Inquisitor seems to be a light-armored class similar to the Republic’s Jedi Consular. Sith Inquisitor uses the power of the Force along with lightsaber techniques. Inquisitors are fast, swift, and rather strong. SWTOR Inquisitor proves to be one of the strongest jobs in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Inquisitor is the type that can play all kinds of role. Be it a powerful assault caster, a party healer, or a tanker in a massive raid. Inquisitors harness the dark side of the Force to either crush their enemies or support their allies. SWTOR Inquisitor is a genius in force channeling and manipulation, and also has outstanding swordmanship. Inquisitors study the philosophy and dark past of the Force. Force Lightning is their well-known feared weapon.

SWTOR Sith Inquisitor

SWTOR Sith Inquisitor

SWTOR Inquisitor has 5 companions, 4 of them are evil, and 1 of them has the good morality. They are Xalek, Khem Val, Talos Drellik, Ashara Zavros, and Andronikus Revel. Their starships are called “Fury”. There are 5 races available to choose: Human, Twi’lek, Sith Pureblood, Zabrak, and Rattataki.

Inquisitors use the double-bladed lightsaber with an unbelievable speed. Even though you are a bad guy here, you can rebel and be a hero instead. First, choose your style of play. You can be a frontline tanker with your extreme agility, making you a hard-to-hit decoy. A sneaky little venomous deadly snake with unrivaled stealth skill. If you want to be a supportive player, be a healer. And you can improve your Force to be a PvP Force-based Inquisitor.

There are 2 class advancements of SWTOR Inquisitor. They are Sith Assassin and Sith Sorcerer.

Sith Assassin focuses on the melee skill. Sith Assassins use double-edged lightsabers. They have super-fast speed and agility. There are 3 skill trees for Sith Assassin. Darkness, Madness, and Deception. Darkness skill tree is full of defensive abilities that will make you an excellent tanker. Madness offers Force ability to drain and corrupt enemies, but Madness is a shared skill. The last skill tree of Sith Assassin is Deception. Deception includes stealth skills to kill enemies without them even realizing. Force Lightning can be imbued into the double-edged lighsaber using the skill from Deception skill tree.

Sith Sorcerer is the last class advancement of SWTOR Inquisitor for now. Sorcerers harness the power of the dark Force to dispatch their foes without mercy. This class is Force-based. There are 3 skill trees, 1 of them is a shared skill, Madness. The other two are Lightning and Corruption. Lightning skill tree focuses on the Force Lightning. Choose it if you want to be an assault caster. You will get healing and support abilities if you improve the Corruption skill tree.

SWTOR Inquisitors are way too powerful that they are often hated by bullied players. So, overall, SWTOR Inquisitor is a deadly class, versatile, and handy in all kinds of condition. You love Darth Maul, you will surely love the Sith Inquisitor!