SWTOR Crafting – How to?

SWTOR crafting feature is exceptional. This kind of crafting system that involves NPC is rarely seen in other MMORPGs. SWTOR crafting allows players to craft various items like implants, guns, high-tech armors, lightsaber parts, and more. Crafting skill is included in the crew skills. Crafting is essential and important if you want to maximize your character’s potential.

First, I will introduce SWTOR crafting in general. Crafting can be done by either the player or NPCs called “companion”. Crafting is a special crew skill. Provided that you can only assign 1 crafting skill to the skill slot and leave the 2 other skill slots to other crew skills while you can use 3 gathering skills or mission skills at once. And if you change the crafting skill, it will be reset back to level 1 and you will lose all your hard-earned recipes.

SWTOR Crafting costs some time. While crafting low-level equipment only takes less than 10 minutes, high-level and sophisticated items will need more. That is where the NPCs come in. You can assign up to 5 companions to do crafting tasks. Each companion can only queue 5 crafting tasks. They will continue working when you are out doing some quest with your guild and even when you are offline. Your companions work tirelessly and will make sure that you sleep safe and sound when you are not in the game. Still, the companions don’t provide you 100 percent cashback guarantee. To prevent failures, you have to be good to your companions. It is recommended to give presents and talk whenever possible. Your companions will perform better SWTOR crafting with higher affection point.

SWTOR crafting is divided to 6. There are Armstech, Cybertech, Armormech, Biochem, Artifice, and Synthweaving. I’ll give you the quick short overview of each sub-profession. For non-Force user tanks, you should choose the Armormech since it mainly produces armors. Cybertech is a credits-making crafting skill. For any raiding guild member, you can get profit by selling potions and implants from the Biochem skill. Non-force users that choose to focus on crafting are best to choose Armstech since time is the essence to be able to construct good weapons. Force tanks is better to choose Synthweaving, the sub-profession is used to craft force armors. And aggresive non-tanks Force users are recommended to equip Artifice to make unique and special lightsaber parts.

Let’s get to the how to. First step....

SWTOR Crafting

 SWTOR Crafting

1. Craft-learning
Learning is the key to success. That is what my teachers used to lecture me. In SWTOR crafting, learning is essential. Choose the suitable crafting skill for you. You learn it in your capital home city, just take a stroll around the storage area, auction house, and skill trainers. Remember that only 1 crafting skill can be learned per time. But you are free to learn another crafting skills by forgetting the one you learn now. Forgetting means you will lose all recipes and level of that SWTOR crafting skill.

2. Craft!
Open the crew skills menu (‘n’ is the shortcut). Give a click-click on the craft icon beside your companion. Then, you can choose what will your companion craft. The maximum queue is 5.

Bam! You (and your companion) have successfully crafted an item! Be sure to keep crafting since there are still a lot to uncover on SWTOR crafting.


Stacey said...

Okay, never had the option to craft when I had cybercrafting, so I switched it to armscrafting. Character is a smuggler, and still when I hit "n" there is no option to craft things (and yes, I finally got my ship). I'm level 17 now and arms crafting is at level 1. When/how will the ability start to allow me to actually make things? I have scavenging and slicing as my other abilities (in case it's a matter of lacking raw materials).

Thanks! This is the only aspect of the game that is really frustrating me thus far (and making me wish for more of a how to manual)

Boogeyman said...