Quick Guide: Battlefield 3 Assignments

Battlefield 3 Assignments is a new feature for the game. It is included in the download content “Back to Karkand”. This feature is a new way to unlock weapons. When the standard Battlefield 3 weapons are unlocked through level advancements and job level ups, the Battlefield 3 version of classic Battlefield 2 weapons from the “Back to Karkand” download content have to be unlocked by completing sets of challenges called the Battlefield 3 Assignments. Battlefield 3 Assignments will surely give new experiences to players and prolong the game’s lifetime. This article will provide you the list of Battlefield 3 assignments and the my version of how to do it the easiest way. Get ready to rock and roll!

There are total of ten Battlefield 3 assignments, two for each class (medic, support, engineer, recon, all kits). Down below are the list of Battlefield 3 assignments:

Battlefield 3 Assignments

Battlefield 3 Assignments

Best Friend Forever
This assignment will unlock FAMAS for medic class upon completion. The requirements are as follow : 10 revives and 10 heals.

Since it is really simple, I think I don’t need to explain much about this assignment. Just bring the medpack every time, don’t forget to give it to your teammates especially injured ones, and always revive dead friendlies. You’ll get the FAMAS before you know it.

Professional Russian
It is a mandatory to complete Best Frined Forever to unlock this assignment. To unlock L85A2, you need to get 100 kills with Assault Rifles, 20 kills with M320, and 5 squad deathmatch wins.

Equip M320 with any assault rifle that is compatible with underslung rail. Don’t go to crowded squad deathmatch server, instead look for server with 7 players in it (if available). But if you are not in a rush, play rounds of squad deathmatch in any server you want and enjoy the game. At least that’s what I did.

Fixing It
This is one of Battlefield 3 assignments for engineers. Completing this assignment will unlock HK53 sub-machine gun. The requirements are : 10 repairs and 1 kill with repair torch.

Repairs are easy. Play in any vehicle-based map like Operation Firestorm or Caspian Border. Stick to your teammates’ tanks and repair it every time it is hit and damaged. The repair torch kill is a bit tricky though. It is easier to kill from behind. Flank or wait for an enemy to plan charges and barbecue his head.

It Goes Boom!
The next engineer assignment will unlock QBZ-95B SMG. 5 conquest wins, 50 AT rocket kills, and 1 vehicle destroy with the repair torch are required to finish it.

Use your rocket launcher efficiently and use the explosive perk. Be sure to rocket all enemy vehicles that you stumbled upon. Clearing buildings with rockets is not a bad idea. To destroy enemy vehicle with the repair torch, make sure the vehicle is already disabled or occasionally, when the situation is too chaotic, the tank driver won’t notice you wrecking the tank’s body with a torch. Remember that butt is always the weak point!

Let it Rain
Hence the title, you need to rain mortar shells to complete it. Requirements : 20 LMG kills and 2 mortar kills. Completing this assignment will enable QBB-95 as support class weapon.

Killing 20 guys with LMG is not hard at all. LMG is best used with the bipod + prone. For the mortar kills, deploy your mortar at the very back of your base near the “out of area” line. Drop shells on spotted enemies. Alternatively, you can ask your friends to use the MAV for spotting.

Keep your Head Down
The assignment will unlock MG36. You have to get 50 headshots, 50 spot assists, and 50 ammo resupplies.

A little time-consuming. Use your favorite weapon to get the headshots. Drop ammo packs every time you meet a teammate in the battlefield. If you play the game right, spot assists are quick to get. If not, try using the MAV to spot enemies.

This assignment is one of two sniper Battlefield 3 assignments. You’ll get QBU-88 sniper rifle upon completing the assignment. 20 sniper rifle kills and 5 laser designation are the requirements.

To laser-designate, use the SOFLAM. Deploy it on high grounds for the best view. If you love long-range sniping, play conquest on Kharg Island or Caspian Border. There are sniping spots that you can only reach while riding the MAV. But if you cannot snipe, use semi-auto sniper + ACOG or other scope with 3-4x zoom.

Creeping Death
You’ll get a great bolt-action sniper rifles after completing this assignment, which is L96A1. You need 50 headshots, 50 spot assists, and 5 knife takedowns. Similar to “Keep your Head Down” and instead of resupplies, you are prompted to backstab 5 dudes. The trick is similar to repair torch kill. Only knife from behind, knife kill without the takedown motion won’t count towards the assignment. Battlefield 3 assignments are fun, right?

Familiar Territory
You will be rewarded a Personal Defense Weapon, the PP-19, upon finishing the assignment. You need to arm 10 M-COMs, Capture 10 flags, and a total playtime of two hours on Karkand maps.
Simply play Rush or Conquest on Karkand maps. Enjoy the game and before you know it, PP-19 will be already in your possession.

Scarred Veteran
This last of Battlefield 3 assignments is time-consuming but quite rewarding. There are a lot of requirements, which are 10 kills with PP19, 5 kills in DPV Jeep, 10 kills in BTR-90 IFV, play 2 hours on Sharqi Peninsula and Gulf of Oman. In exchange for all the hardships you went through, you’ll get MK3A1 Jackhammer shotgun.

Play 2 hours in Gulf of Oman while getting kills with the BTR-90 IFV. In Sharqi Peninsula conquest, you can find the DPV jeeps. The easiest way to get a kill is asking your friend to drive the jeep while you are manning the MG. If you don’t have any decent friend to drive it, crash the jeep to anyone you meet when driving the thing around.

Battlefield 3 assignments sure is an amazing feature. So, what will DICE release for Battlefield 3 next? I can’t wait!