What Modern Warfare 3 Weapons Suit You the Best?

I bet you’ve been playing this game. Maybe you haven’t found a suitable and comfortable Modern Warfare 3 weapons for you. FYI, if you haven’t found your weapon of choice yet, it means the chance of you bullying some random noob will get smaller and the chance of getting pawned by crazy-ass maniacs become bigger. I will tell you the complete list of Modern Warfare 3 weapons including primary weapons, secondary weapons, and other weapons so that you can choose which Modern Warfare 3 weapons suit your play style the best. Straight to the point, here is Modern Warfare 3 weapons list.

We will start from the most common Modern Warfare 3 weapons, assault rifles :


M4A1 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

A very common Modern Warfare 3 weapons that is always available in Modern Warfare series. It has low recoil and medium penetration. It is an automatic assault rifle and with fire rate at 850 RPM. It carries total ammo of 180 and 30 per magazine.


SCAR-L - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

Considered weak with high rate of fire. You won’t realize that you’re out of ammo when you are pawning. Even though it has low recoil, it tends to move right when shot. Aim just a bit left when using this weapon.


M16A4 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

My favorite among Modern Warfare 3 weapons! It is not an automatic assault rifle, but it is a three-round burst rifle. While this weapon is awesome in medium to long range encounter, it’s not really effective at close range.


CM901 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

There are a lot of Modern Warfare 3 weapons that simply capable of kicking asses like this one. It has high killing power. It kills whether at close, medium, even long range. But nothing is perfect. It has higher recoil than average assault rifles. So consider to burst it when shooting long-range target. In exchange, it is very terrifying at close range and underbarrel attachment seems to increase its fire rate.


MK14 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

MK14 is a semi-automatic rifle that has the longest range and high damage compared to other assault rifles. Hipfire accuracy is great too. It is one of the most favored Modern Warfare 3 weapons among hardcore mode players.

Type 95

Type 95 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

Even though it’s 3-round burst, this bullpup assault rifle has high rate of fire at 1000 RPM per burst. It’s very effective at close range to medium range. At long range, its power will drop massively, making it a run-and-gun type assault rifle.

ACR 6.8

SCR 6.8 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

This weapon was my favorite back in MW2 glorious days. It has medium to low recoil and good for long range encounter because the power doesn’t drop much. ACR has the fastest reload time in the assault rifle category. The only downside is its slow fire rate that makes it not suitable at close range.


G36C - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

People call this the “Headshot Magnet” because of its recoil. Just aim for the chest and bam! The bullets will automatically travel upward. Compared to M4A1, it has slower fire rate at 769 RPM.


AK-47 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

Classic gun, gentlemen! Slow rate of fire with medium recoil but deadly and high-powered. AK-47 is a monster at medium to long range. It is very effective to attach the suppresor. But still, CM901 outpower this gun.


FAD - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

FAD is the african militia weapon. It is more like an SMG because of its very high fire rate at 1000 RPM and faster to aim down the sights. Although FAD has low damage, it is fully automatic.

Let us continue to the next type of primary weapon : Sub-Machine Gun


MP5 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

It is the default SMG weapon. It has medium to high recoil. Actually, it is not much of a choice since there will be other SMGs that will outclass MP5 in all aspects. Just use this before unlocking other SMGs.


MP7 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

This SMG has low recoil and moderate power along with medium to high fire rate. It is best to use the weapon with rapid fire and Stability perk to use this gun effectively at close range.


PM-9 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

The automatic gun with the highest fire rate in the game at 1090 RPM. It has high recoil and slow reload time. It is also dazzling when you spray it because of the extremely high rate of fire. Attach silencer and use Sleight of hand also Kick profficiency.


AK-74u - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

Nothing special with this SMG. The shape is just futuristic and cool. It is not available as Multiplayer or survival weapon, exclusively singleplayer.


UMP45 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

A very popular weapon in Modern Warfare series. It is not much different with the one in MW2, just weaker at long range and faster fire rate. But, it has high penetration power like LMG and Sniper Rifles. Room cleaning service, coming on!


PP90M1 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

PP90M1 is an automatic SMG with high fire rate at 1000 RPM. It has low recoil, low penetration, and disturbing muzzle flash. Silencer is recommended.

Now what about Rambo’s weapon? Time for Modern Warfare 3 weapons : LMG!

PKP Pecheneg

PKP Pecheneg - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

This peculiar LMG is not really that special. It has high penetration and deadly at close range. At long range, it is recommended that you burst it instead of going trigger happy. The grip is a good attachment.


MG36 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

MG36 is deadly at medium to long range. It has the fastest reload time for LMGs, making fast bursts very effective.


M60E4 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

Juggernauts use this beast. It is unforgivably strong up close. But it has slow fire rate and the slowest reload time in the LMG category. Very effective at medium to close range.


MK46 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

The LMG that has the highest rate of fire compared to other LMGs. Moderate power and recoil. Use Sleight of Hand and Quickdraw with this weapon.


L86 LSW - Modern Warfare 3

Lowest recoil of all LMGs. This weapon has high rate of fire and moderate-low damage. But when you shoot this gun, it looks like a wild elephant because of its visual recoil. I wouldn’t use this weapon if i were you.

Let’s bust noobs with Sniper Rifles!

Barrett .50 Cal

Barret .50 Cal - Modern Warfare 3

The standard semi-automatic sniper. Similar to the one in MW2, a one-shot killer. It is very much heavier than before and it has lower recoil. Sleight of Hand would be a nice couple with Barrett.


Dragunov - Modern Warfare 3

Not very different with Barrett. It is just lighter and weaker because 2 shots are needed to kill. The Kick profficiency is essential to make the weapon effective.


L118A - Modern Warfare 3

Finally bolt-action sniper. One-hit kill when shot anywhere above the stomach. It has standard rate of fire for a bolt-action sniper and low recoil in exchange for mobility.


RSASS - Modern Warfare 3

This semi-automatic sniper rifle is the most user-friendly sniper rifle. It has the highest magazine capacity and lowest recoil (moderate to none when prone) but it lacks power. But this sniper rifle still outstands others because it’s a two-shot kill type and it’s not that hard to land 2 bullets on the enemy.


AS50 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

Semi-automatic sniper rifle with a unique low-zoom scope, 4-round magazine, and stopping power. One-shot kill over the stomach. Variable zoom and Extended Mag would be sweet.


MSR - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

It’s deadly. Similar to L118A but with faster bolt pull, fast reload, and different scope. It has 5-round magazine. Quickdraw and Sleight of Hand Pro are two effective perk to use with this sniper rifle.

M14 / M21 EBR
M14 / M21 EBR - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons
This is the best sniper in the game for me. A semi-automatic with large magazine (20 round per mag), two-shot kill, and very low recoil. I love getting killstreaks with this kick-ass weapon!We love boomsticks.


USAS-12 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

An automatic shotgun that has the longest range of all shotguns. Though it gets very weak at long range. USAS-12 has the smallest magazine size compared to all shotguns and lower fire rate compared to AA-12 + higher ammo count. It has a secret feature, the users will get double sprint time! If combined with lightweight, it would allow you to run like the wind.


SPAS-12 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

Classic shotgun from the Modern Warfare series. Nothing special about it, every shots are crucial because of its pump-action style and a miss would mean a step closer to death. Thanks to a glitch, using the Extended Mag perk will get you extra 50% damage per shot.


KSG-12 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

This shotgun is crappy. High ammo count, low damage, lowest power per pellet, slow reload. KSG-12 is useless against enemies with ballistic vest.


AA-12 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

It was really popular in MW2. This automatic shotgun has its power reduced and wider bullet spread. Extended Mag and Damage proficiencies are needed to make AA-12 well-balanced.

Model 1887

Model 1887 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

It has the slowest fire rate. Not really special other than its stylish reload. Range profficiencies recommended.


Ranger - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

It is spotted on Soap’s back in “Back on Grid” mission. But it is unusable.


Striker - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

Moderate-low damage, high capacity and ammo count, medium accuracy. The one and only semi-automatic shotgun in the game.

The last primary weapon is Riot Shield. It can deflect bullets whether it is equipped or on your back.

Wow, a lot of primary Modern Warfare 3 weapons. What about secondary Modern Warfare 3 weapons? Let’s see.


FMG9 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

The default machine pistol. High damage at close range, high fire rate, large magazine. But it has some flaw too. Short effective range, extremely high recoil, and unbelivable slow switch time. Use Akimbo with this weapon.


Skorpian - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

The Skorpion is not really a recommended machine pistol. It’s only good for headshot because of its high headshot multiplier.


G18 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

A weapon made for brutal close-range combat. Equip it with Akimbo and Scavenger.


MP9 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

A machine pistol identical to TMP in MW2. It matches Skorpian headshot multiplier and even more stable. But the switch time is very slow.

Don’t like the machine pistols? Handguns may suit you better.

USP .45

USP .45 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

The default handgun. There is nothing special other than the reload time, it is the fastest among handguns.


MP412 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

This handgun’s capable of two-shot kills. But the small magazine size flaws it. Use sleight of hand and this weapon will be your best-bang-for-your-bucks sidearm in Hardcore mode.

Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

A very popular handgun due to its ridiculously strong power. But it’s not a big deal since the recoil is also ridiculous.


P99 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

The best of low-powered handguns in my opinion. Highest firecap and the strongest low caliber handgun.

.44 Magnum

.44 Magnum - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

A good CQB weapon but not effective at medium-long range. I would rather use MP412 instead.

Five Seven

Five Seven - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

This low caliber handgun has the fastest switch time and largest magazine size. It’s not far different from USP .45 and P99.


M1911 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

Singleplayer only and unusable. Only seen in a cutscene.

Let’s blow some noob with Modern Warfare 3 weapons : Rocket Launchers!


SMAW - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons
Highly accurate rocket launcher. Can be locked on killstreak vehicles or freely fired. Only has 1 round and large blast area.


Stinger - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons
A rocket launcher that only can be locked and fired to killstreak vehicles. Has 2 rounds.

FGM-148 Javelin

FGM-148 Javelin - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

Rocket launcher with the widest area of blast. Can either be locked on killstreak vehicle or location.


XM25 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

A 4-rounds semi-automatic grenade launcher. Not really strong, it can’t kill uninjured enemies in one hit. Not effective in short-medium range.

M320 GLM

M320 GLM - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

It is rarely used because it doesn’t have high ammo count.


RPG-7 - Modern Warfare 3 Weapons

The notable feature of this rocket launcher is the fast draw time. Good to blow up windows and rooms.

Modern Warfare 3 weapons aren’t only that. There are still other Modern Warfare 3 weapons like :

No need to explain this.

Used to blind enemies temporarily.

Ballistic Vest Duffel Bag
It is a bag similar to one-man army’s bag. When you are going to equip the ballistic vest, you have to deploy this “weapon”.

M67 Grenade
It’s the cookable frag grenade included in Modern Warfare 3 weapons. Very similar to the M67 in MW2.

Simply a sticky bomb.

Throwing knife
It is a lethal stealth weapon. One-hit kill and no noticeable sound.

Bouncing Betty
Just like the name, it is a mine that will bounce before exploding. Going prone will save you from getting blown by this Modern Warfare 3 weapons.

Sensor mine that will explode on contact. If you are going to snipe, bring it with you just to ensure your safety.

Concussion grenade
Similar to stun grenade, makes them slow and disoriented.

When placed, it will scramble enemies’ radar in a very effective radius. Take and rplace anytime.

EMP grenade
It has the same function as EMP, just in a smaller radius.

Smoke grenade
Releases smoke and making the battlefield all white and smokey.

Trophy System
It deflects explosives and killstreaks. Replace anytime.

Tactical Insertion
A flare that indicates your respawn point. Green is friendly, red is enemies’.

Plant some and watch it. When a noob comes to stroll, just click the trigger and it will go boom!

Portable Radar
A kind of motion sensor. Reveals nearby enemies in the minimap.

So which Modern Warfare 3 weapons would you use?