Fly Battlefield 3 Jets Like a Pro?

The most noticeable feature of Battlefield series is the vehicles war. And of course, it gets better and better every year. The latest installment of the Battlefield franchise, Battlefield 3 (usually abbreviated as BF3), brings back jets that was removed in the previous Battlefield game (Battlefield: Bad Company series). So, feeling like flying Battlefield 3 jets? Read on.

Flying Battlefield 3 jets for first-timer might be rather disturbing. The jets seem to be too fast and too furious that it is very hard to drop 30mm bullets to a happy sniper on camping picnic below. Grilling tanks is pretty much as hard as turning your head around 180 degrees. But first-timers always look at the positive side, suicide can’t be any harder with jets. But, when Battlefield 3 jets are flown by a pro pilot, the battlefield will surely rain hell and the jets deserve to be called “machine of endless, massive noob-punishing”.

Battlefield 3 Jets

Battlefield 3 Jets

Before learning how to fly Battlefield 3 jets, of course you have to know the types of Battlefield 3 jets first. There are 2 types, bomber jet and fighter jet. While fighter jets have afterburner that allows higher maximum speed and acceleration for some drool-inducing dogfights, Bomber jets have big guns to destroy tanks and other ground vehicles. Bomber jets include A10 Thunderbolt for US Army and Sukhoi Su-39 for Russian Army. F/A 18 Super Hornet for US Army, Sukhoi Su-25 for Russian Army and F35B in Back to Karkand maps belong to fighter jets category.

Back to the primary objective of this article, flying jets. First-timers should start flying and stay out of dogfights. You got to feel the “feel” of flying a jet. Experiment how to turn, do maneuvers, and go sightseeing around the map. Shifting through first-person view and third-person view is essential. If you are looking for targets to whack but you can’t see any from your cockpit, change the view to third-person. You might see your target just beside you and you can start doing the chasing action like cop dramas. When you are behind the target, looking at the jet’s tail, change the view to first-person because it is more effective. You might be very pissed off in the first few hours, you only have a default mounted machine gun on your jet with no protection from Stingers and guided missiles. You have to earn experiences to get weapon unlocks to further support you in dogfights.

You might wonder how to dodge the guided missiles and rockets when you are piloting Battlefield 3 jets. If you are patient enough, you will get the IR Flares. It will cancel missile locks when deployed. And some of you might continuously swear because of useless flares that can’t cancel missile locks. Here comes the timing. The key is, don’t deploy the flares before the lock alarm is going crazy. When you are locked, the alarm will go beeping. And when your alarm goes like beepbeepbeepbeep and finally to a long beeeeeeeeeep, quickly deploy your flares! The flares will successfully cancel the lock and prevent the missiles from hitting your jet if you are playing with a decent internet connection. In time, you will be in a situation when your flares and chaffs are out, it’s time to do maneuvers to dodge the freaky missiles. It doesn’t work every time but come on, at least you tried. Go on full throttle heading up to dodge rockets from the ground because they have limited range. As for jets missiles, good luck on crazily spinning and turning your jets.

That was all I can say to you. I’m not really a good pilot myself. Good luck to you on learning to be a pro pilot of Battlefield 3 jets! May the porsche be with you.