Humble Bundle: Buy Games at Your Own Price!

Your money is not enough to buy a game? Feeling like game prices are not fair? Humble Bundle is the solution! Humble Bundle are digital game bundles sold with a blank price tag on it. You pay what you want! But it is sold in a limited time. Games that are sold in Humble Bundle are usually DRM-free, multi-platform, and developed by independent companies. You can set how much you want to split your money between the charities (American Red Cross, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Child’s Play), the developers, and Humble Tip (Humble Bundle organizers).

The first bundle was sold from the 4th of may through the 11th of May last year. The first bundle includes 6 indie games : Aquaria (Bit Blot), Samorost 2 (Amanita Design), Lugaru HD (Wolfire Games), World of Goo (2D Boy), Penumbra: Overture (Frictional Games), and Gish (Cryptic Sea). It was very successful that Aquaria, Gish, Penumbra, and Lugaru HD were open-sourced. The average price was $9.18. The games included in the Humble Bundle are mostly integrated with Steam (not initially) and it allows Steam user to add the game to his Steam library and download it from Steam. Steam achievements are also available for the integrated games, so it is really nice that Steam users can collect achievements too. Humble Bundle, Inc., has released 8 bundles so far. And it was all successes.

A few days ago, on the 13th of December 2011, Humble Bundle, Inc., released another awesome bundle called “Humble Indie Bundle 4”. It includes 6 epic indie games. Shank (Klei Entertainment), Bit.Trip Runner (Gaijin Games), Jamestown (Final Form Games), Super Meat Boy (Team Meat), NightSky HD (Nicalis) are included in this bundle. It is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux users. Yesterday (December 16), the soundtracks from all the games in the bundle were made available to all buyers. Also, all games in this Humble Bundle are redeemable at Steam. If you buy the games at retail price, it would cost you around $100. Instead, you can pay 4 times or 10 times cheaper than the retail price if you buy this bundle. But, if you choose to pay over the average price, you will get two free games as a bonus. The bonus games are Gratuitous Space Battles (Positech Games) and Cave Story+ (Nicalis).

On the first day of sale, Humble Indie Bundle 4 has a total of $1 million in revenue. By the time this article is written, this latest Humble Bundle has surpassed $1.5 million in revenue! There are more than 2800 purchases. The average price for Windows is currently $4.78, Macintosh is $7.33, Linux is $10.12, making the total average price $5.34. The bundle will be available for purchase through the 27th of December 2011. You still got around 10 days to buy the bundle!

Humble Indie Bundle 4

Humble Indie Bundle 4

Perhaps you want to buy the Humble Indie Bundle 4 for your nephew’s Christmas gift? Or you happen to be a charity man that loves games? What are you waiting for?This edition of pay-what-you-want Humble Bundle won’t last forever!