Skyrim House Locations and Buying Guide

If you want to buy a Skyrim house, there are 5 locations where you can buy houses. Some people ask what are the benefits of buying a Skyrim house? By buying a Skyrim house, you can store your items safely, your spouse will wait for you in house, decorate your house by the Steward, you can get a temporary boost to your Magicka and Health by sleeping in a bed, unlimited ammount of houses you can own. The price of Skyrim houses are vary from 5000 gold - 25000 gold. Here the Skyrim house locations and buying guide that I got from YouTube.

Skyrim House Locations and Buying Guide

Skyrim House

Whiterun (5000 Gold)
You can buy it from Proventus Avenicci, the Jarl’s Steward. Must complete the quest “Bleak Falls Barrow

You're also can get the breeze home for free in Whiterun. Here is the tutorial video:

Riften (8000 Gold)
You can buy it from The Steward of Riften.

Markarth (8000 Gold)
You can buy it from The Steward of Markarth.

Windhelm (12000 Gold)
You can buy it from The Steward of Windhelm, after completing quests for the Stormcloak Faction.

Hey, you can buy the house in Windhelm for only 8000 gold! If you have more than 8000 gold, trade it with your companion or depose it somewhere, and leave only 8000 gold. Go to the guy who sells the house in Windhelm, and Congratulations, you can buy the 12000 gold house for only 8000 gold!

Thanks to rhynox who shared this tutorial!

Solitude (25000 Gold)
You can buy it from The Steward of Solitude, only after completing a quest for the Jarl of Solitude.

If you have another Skyrim house locations or buying guide, don't be hesitate to share with others by put your comment below!


Anonymous said...

In Breezehome when I sleep in my bed, I never get any Rest bonuses.
Any idea why would that be?

chanda said...

you might be a werewolf. werewolves don't get resting bonuses.

Bloodbeard said...

If you have the Lover's Stone gift, you won't get the bonus either.

Antiguy said...

When I go to buy the house in Windhelm, the Steward says there's been some unpleasantness and that it's off limits. How long do I have to wait till it gets back ON limits?

Sgt. Smacky said...

You have to complete a quest first before purchasing the house in Windhelm, visit the Wiki page for more info.
(Also, be sure to buy the "clean up murder mess" option from the Steward before buying living room upgrade...or you're stuck with crap and blood all over your floor like me...forever)

TimNorth25 said...

to whomever made the tutorial video on the free breezehome house, thank you so much that is a sweet little trick

ControllerShadow said...

why is it not possible to get a house in dawnstar because its my favorite city

Wolfigath said...

Oh Dawnstar. . . I aways fuck my char in the pale district, doesn't matter how simply and easy i'll be "clean the mess", aways a wanted in pale haha xD~

Anonymous said...

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