Halo Anniversary Reviews From Real Users

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, also referred to as Halo Anniversary is the first game in the Halo series to be developed by 343 Industries and was released on November 15, 2011. In here you can read Halo Anniversary reviews from real users! Halo Anniversary is created in celebration of the 10th anniversary.

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Halo Anniversary Reviews

Halo Anniversary Reviews

Reviewed by fastlanemovies

Campaign: Visuals: The game really does have the same exact gameplay as it did before. So, the paint layer has been updated and looks so much better. It doesn't look like a 2011 title but it still looks pretty amazing for a 12 year old engine.

Audio: Sound really has been improved. Now don't worry, nothing has been dramatically changed. It's what you know and love about Halo, but remastered.

Classic mode: As 343 has been bragging about, yes classic mode is really fun to switch back and forth with. The changes are very obvious. You can tell they put a lot of work into it.

What's new: The terminals, achievements and skulls. I'm sure you know what achievements and skulls are, but terminals only started in Halo 3. Now the terminals, as opposed to Halo 3's text terminals, are videos. The terminals are really fun to find and watch, plus they give you some back story to Halo 4.

Multiplayer: Well, you get 6 slayer and 1 firefight maps that are based on Halo CE's maps. Except these are made with the Halo: Reach engine. Which is a little disappointing to not play in the Halo: CE engine. Which by the way had great multiplayer, but I suppose it'll do. If Reach didn't get some sort map pack, there would be a lot of complaints, so it's understandable.

The game is worth getting but not necessarily worth $40. That's why I preorded, because amazon gave me a $10 credit.

Reviewed by Joe

I was 11 when I first played Halo back in 02. I'm 19 now and can honestly say this brought back so many good memories. The graphics are phenomenal. Chief looks great in HD, Cortana looks lame but she looked hottest in Halo CE 01 but oh well. The textures aren't as strong as in reach but the lighting is much better so it's a fair trade off in a way. The pistol is back and is OP as ever. It's so nice to be able to use one of the best guns in an FPS ever created again.

The game itself is 40$ which is a steal but the game is fairly barebones, offering the Halo: CEHD campaign and a few maps for reach multiplayer remade from old ones. I'm pleased Headlong is back but they still haven't brought back Bloodgulch which sucks.

The Campaign is nostalgic and feels new yet still old at the same time. It's cool to see all the old levels we know and love revamped in yummy HD Beauty. Dolby digital is incredible for this game. The sound effects sound extremely well since most are re-engineered for Halo 1. The Sniper sounds like a sniper and no longer a cap gun. The game captures the feeling of being a super human again like the good ole days. When playing Halo 1 it's easy to see why Halo: Reach felt so weak in comparison. Sure you know you're a Spartan but you just feel like a wimp with a weak gun and shields. However, in Halo 1 you feel indestructible, godlike and deadly. I think Halo 2 was the last Halo that had that feeling.

I don't really like Reach's multiplayer since I got bored of it but I'll enjoy it again one day but with Skyrim, Gears 3, and BF3 it's hard to go back to reach MP. 343I should've just revamped the old-school MP instead of being lazy.

If this game had Halo CEMP I'd give this 5 stars but because of that minor inconvenience I'm giving this 4 stars.

If your a fan of Halo you should buy this. Whether your a grizzeled veteran of Halo 1 or a newcomer who only played Halo 3 or Reach you will probably love this.

Reviewed by David

I was so excited to play this game the minute I got home from standing in line for 2 hours! The campaign is amazing. being able to switch from Classic view to the updated HD view was extremely fun. I would have to say this Halo campaign is the hardest to beat on legendary out of all of the Halo FPS games. The Campaign is also the biggest that I have seen. I have beaten halo 3 in under 6 hours before on legendary.I consider myself a good Halo player, but with this game, I was stuck on Truth and Reconciliation for nearly 3 hours! that right there tells me, that for $39.99, this game is a steal. The multiplayer maps are also amazing. Great to play on, and beautifully remade. The achievements were so fun to get and definitely made the game ever more fun.

I will give this game 5 stars, but I still had some cons about it.

When I was on 343 guilty spark, I was stuck on classic view. I tried to switch back to HD, but all I got was a black screen with audio. I later played the same level again and it worked just fine. I don't know if my game just glitched beforehand or it was messed up. Also sometimes, whenever I killed some enemies, and their weapons would fly off, the weapon would get stuck on the wall or the floor just rotating and making a repetitive beep as I walked pass them. At first I thought Woah, is that a secret weapon? Well nope. Just a mess up. Throughout the game, When I would die, it would be so hard to get checkpoints. I would play through, and kill say 30 enemies, be hundreds of feet away from my last checkpoint, and still not get a new checkpoint and have to redo everything. then when I would respawn, sometimes I would kill 5 enemies and get a checkpoint immediately. So the game definitely had many malfunctions.

On the campaign Landscape in HD, countless times I would try to snipe enemies or shoot a rocket, and it would hit a rock or a tree branch that wasn't visible. So quite often I would have to switch to Classic mode just to kill enemies.

I don't think the game was tested through enough during its product remake, but I still enjoyed the game very much.Looking passed the cons, this game is still incredible. It shows how far Halo has grown over the years.

I highly recommend this game to any player.

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