Skyrim Bleak Falls Barrow

Bleak Falls Barrow is a massive, ancient temple built by the Nords to worship the Dragons. Bleak Falls Barrow is where ancient Nords buried their dead; as such, the Barrow is infested with aggressive Draugr. There is also an Inner sanctum, which is blocked by a gate which only the dragon claw can open after a puzzle is solved.(The puzzle is solve by looking at the palm of the golden claw and goes from top to bottom as follows: Bear, Dragon, Owl then hit the activate panel in the center of the door) Inside the Inner Sanctum lies a word wall, guarded by a sleeping Dragon Priest (alternatively a Draugr Overlord if the player is at a low level).

Bleak Falls Barrow Quest Walkthrough

Skyrim Bleak Falls Barrow

Bleak Falls Barrow
Travel to the Nordic ruins of Bleak Falls Barrow and enter. Be careful traveling to the ruins, though; a dragon sometimes spawns outside. Low level players may want to enter the ruins quickly.

Puzzle Room
You will come to a puzzle room in the Barrow. Inside is a bandit; ready your weapon and let him come to you, otherwise you can be injured by the arrow trap in the ceiling.

In the room, there are three movable pillars on the left and a lever in the middle (where the bandit was standing). Pulling the lever causes arrows to rain down from the ceiling, injuring you. You can disarm the trap by activating the pillars in the following order, starting at the first pillar:
  • Snake
  • Snake
  • Fish

Note: If you are playing on an Xbox 360 and the pillars will not move, exit and re-enter Bleak Falls Barrows.

Bleak Falls Barrow 2
Travel through the dungeon and you'll come to winding stairs that go downwards. There are Skeevers at the bottom of this, and just around the corner there is a giant frostbite spider. Here, you will find Arvel the Swift, trapped in a Frostbite Spider web. You'll have to kill the Frostbite spider and free Arvel, but as soon as you free Arvel he will make a run for it. Chase him down and kill the coward. Here, you could use a flame or sparks spell, as it frees Arvel by breaking the web but kills him very quickly as he falls, so no chasing is needed.

Arvel will have the Golden Claw on his body as well as his journal. Keep on going through the dungeon you will find the crypt of some angry Nordic warriors. Through the first room, the corridor leading out to the next room has a push-button on the floor that makes a wall of spikes swing 180 degrees at you - jump over this pressure pad or walk the narrow path behind the spiked wall to avoid being swiss cheese. Deal will all the Draugr and carry on through the dungeon. In the next room the corridor leading onwards has swinging axes. Save before you attempt this, you'll need to time it right to run past each axe individually, or if you're feeling lucky, make a mad dash through them all. It is obscenely difficult to do this, but possible. The chain to turn it off is on the other side. As you get down further, Draugr will start running at you from around corners. Make use of magic here.

You'll come to a massive circular door with locks around them. You'll need to look at the symbols on the Golden Claw and match them up. The combination is:
  • Outer Ring - Bear
  • Middle Ring - Butterfly
  • Inner Ring - Owl

Word Wall
Once you have solved the puzzle and opened up the door you will come to a dragon alter room with a Word Wall in it. Go towards the word wall and you will learn a dragon shout. However, once you have learned the dragon shout a high level Draugr will arise from his coffin and will attack you. Kill the Draugr on its body will be the Dragon Stone go back to Farengar and give it to him.

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Binary132 said...

got stuck on the ps3 version because I didn't pick up the Dragon Stone and now the boss' corpse is gone and there's no stone. The quest pointer is literally pointing to the inside of the platform his tomb is on. Like, about 2 feet down, under the shelves. Can't get the Dragon Stone. SUUUUCKS