Mafia Wars 2 Just Released - Let's Play it Now!

A few days ago I written about Mafia Wars 2 that coming soon. Finally, Mafia Wars 2 just released! Now, you can play Mafia Wars 2! Mafia Wars 2 has tagline: Being Bad Never Felt So Good. Mafia Wars 2 is a definitive social crime game from Zynga.

Let's play Mafia Wars 2. Rise up and get revenge in the seedy underbelly of Las Vegas.
  • Build a vast criminal empire and rule Vegas.
  • Battle in Player vs Player arenas and see who's the most ruthless.
  • Uncover the dirty secrets that control the Vegas underworld.

Play Mafia Wars 2

You're also can download Mafia Wars 2 wallpapers for your collections. Currently there are 5 characters in Mafia Wars 2, they are Zoe Sato, Tony Valente, Lucius Jackson, Arthur Roteman and Vinnie Mancuso. If you want to play Mafia Wars 2, you can click here!