Mafia Wars 2 - Being Bad Never Felt So Good

Zynga, the creator of Mafia Wars will release Mafia Wars 2! Mafia Wars is a successful multiplayer social network game. Mafia Wars 2 is the next version of Mafia Wars and most immersive game at the moment. Mafia Wars 2 has tagline: Being Bad Never Felt So Good. You can use any means necessary to rise up, get revenge, and build your criminal empire in the seedy underbelly of Las Vegas. You can like their official fans page to unlock limited edition items.

Mafia Wars 2 - Being Bad Never Felt So Good

Currently there are 5 characters of Mafia Wars 2. Here are they:

Zoe Sato
Meet Zoe Sato, the estranged daughter of a Yakuza gangster. Zoe is determined to become a major player in the Las Vegas power game, and she’ll do whatever it takes to get there.

Tony Valente
Tony Valente is one of the power-hungry members of Vitale’s entourage who will do anything to expand his territory – and he doesn’t care who pays the price, as long as he doesn’t take the fall.

Lucius Jackson
A former gangbanger in the Spencer Street Boyz, Lucius Jackson rose from the streets to become a trusted lieutenant in the Black Dragons.

Arthur Roteman
Meet Arthur Roteman, once a bright-eyed and promising FBI agent, now a bitter mob stoolie. Check out Roteman’s character sheet to read about his fall from grace and his current double-dealings in the Las Vegas underground.

Vinnie Mancuso
Meet Vinnie Mancuso – a former Mafia wiseguy who severed his ties with La Cosa Nostra and allied himself with Vitale’s goons.

For more detail about characters, you can visit this page: Mafia Wars 2 characters.

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