Dark Souls Guide for Newbies

Are you looking for Dark Souls guide for newbies? You're on the right place! You can find helpful and useful Dark Souls guide in here. FYI, Dark Souls game has just released on Oct 4, 2011 and this game is quite similar to Demon's Souls.

In this Dark Souls guide, I want to share information about Dark Souls Classes. There are 10 Dark Souls classes and each class is unique!

Dark Souls Guide - 10 Classes

Dark Souls Guide - 10 Classes

Warrior: A fearless warrior and weapons expert with high strength and dexterity.
Starting Gear: Longsword, Heater Shield, Standard Helm, Hard Leather Armor, Hard Leather Gauntlets, Hard Leather Boots

Knight: You start as a low ranking knight with high HP and solid armor. You aren't easily toppled.
Starting Gear: Broadsword, Tower Kite Shield, Knight Helm, Knight Armor, Knight Gauntlets, Knight Leggings

Wanderer: The aimless wanderer has high dexterity. They wield a scimitar.
Starting Gear: Scimitar, Leather Shield, Wanderer Hood, Wanderer Coat, Wanderer Manchette, Wanderer Boots

Thief: Guilt-ridden thief with quiet foorsteps, the thief deals high critical hits and has a Master Key.
Starting Gear: Bandit's Knife, Target Shield, Master Key, Thief Mask, Black Leather Armor, Black Leather Gloves, Black Leather Boots

Bandit: Savage, but with high strength, the bandit wields a heavy battleaxe.
Starting Gear: Battle Axe, Spider Shield, Brigand Hood, Brigand Armor, Brigand Gauntlets, Brigand Trousers

Hunter: The hunter wields a bow and arrows; Can handle close-range combat. However, this class is vulnerable to magic.
Starting Gear: Shortsword, Short Bow, Large Leather Shield, Standard Arrow x30, Leather Armor, Leather Gloves, Leather Boots

Sorcerer: Sorcerer of Vinheim. Trained at the Dragon School, they cast soul sorceries.
Starting Gear: Dagger, Small Leather Shield, Sorcerer's Catalyst, Sorcerer Hat Sorcerer Cloak, Sorcerer Gauntlets, Sorcerer Boots
Starting Spells: Soul Arrow

Pyromancer: Great Swamp pyromancer. They are armed with a hand axe and can cast fire spells.
Starting Gear: Hand Axe, Cracked Round Shield, Pyromancy Flame, Tattered Cloth Hood, Tattered Cloth Robe, Tattered Cloth Manchette, Heavy Boots
Starting Spells: Fireball

Cleric: Cleric on pilgrimage. The cleric casts healing miracles and wields a mace.
Starting Gear: Mace, East-West Shield, Canvas Talisman, Holy Robe, Traveling Gloves, Holy Trousers
Starting Spells: Heal

Deprived: The deprived class starts the game with only a club and old plank shield. He has no clothes.
Starting Gear: Club, Plank Shield

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Dark Souls Guide for Newbies