Fastest Way to Make Rift Plat

There is a fastest way to make Rift Plat! You can read the guide below to make Rift Plat. The guide is made by Kalura in riftgame forum. So, thank you to him because he made a great guide about how to make Rift Plat quickly!

Rift Plat

Mob grinding is probably the slowest way to gain plat. I think Trion did this intentionally since mob grinding is about the only thing you could automate a bot to do.

Artifact grinding + crafting mat grinding is probably the quickest way to make plat. Pickup all 3 gathering trade skills and Omen Sight, while you're running around doing your dailies try to hit every herb/mine you come across, skin every mob possible and loot every artifact.

Generally I fill up about half my inventory doing my Mathos dailies. After which I head north to Caer Thalos. Usually you can find 5-6 artifacts, 2 orichalum nodes, and a bunch of Tempestflowers. If I still have inventory space, I'll travel through Burlingham which is always good for 5-6 artifacts and tons of crafting nodes. I've never made it to Crusader's Advance without filling my bags.

So, the conclusion is Artifact grinding and crafting mat grinding are the quickest way to make Rift Plat. If you have another guide to make Rift Plat, don't be hesitate to share it by put your comment below. The another fastest way to get Rift Plat is buy Rift Plat online.