Super Mario U Comes With New Character and Multiplayer Mode

Super Mario U is using the old Super Mario Secret Recipe

The New Super Mario U, is much like New Super Mario Bros that nintendo Wii released before it, keeping a franchise that hasn't made drastic gameplay changes since 1985. Super Mario U is still fresh, fun and exciting? You know why ? Nintendo's response is simple: the secret is more of the same. Why bother making a drastic gameplay changes, because you shouldn't change a recipe that works. If it worked in 1985 then it will surely work now. But Of course there are changes, and New Super Mario Bros. U has changed in many ways what with the new character, HD graphics and the new Multiplayer system.

In Super Mario U, NintendoWii U not only expands the scope of a 2D Mario game, but also brings with a stunning, crisp, colorful HD presentation, also insert a brand new character Miis as another character option in place of Mario, Luigi or the two Toads. In this version, Super Mario U really brings to the franchise - a fifth, omnipotent player that can will have great impact on the world around the other four characters.

There are only a few changes on the non-meta gameplay in the game  that have been shown, and they each showed up in E3 demo. Mario have the ability to change into a Flying Squirrel with a power up, it is much like the cape/feather that  we all know and fond about. now With the Squirrel power you can  perform a double jump, you can do this by the shake of the controller and you can also glide. It's just a tools that allows players to float a little bit easy  around the map. Traversal is king in New Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario U

The new big deal with Wii U is the GamePad and how it really changes how the video games are played. For example, We could walk away from the television at any point of time and play the game completely on the Game Pad. And the other people can change the TV channel and start watching Big Bang Theory while We are busy gettin' our Flying Squirrel on.

Even though Playing solo is an option, but as we all know in the new Nintendo game of Super Mario Bros, it is meant to be a cool cooperative experience. The Nintendo GamePad will add a fifth player into the mix. And of course, it won't be an on-screen player-character like Luigi or Toad, but rather the fifth player becomes an omniscient, block dropping presence. But the question is, is this powerful being representative of the greater good cause or maybe it could be the very essence of evil.

Why did i mention something like that? what i meant is that this fifth player has the power to place blocks anywhere they want  in the environment. Nintendo is using this method as a way to cooperate, or even to create a  two-player speed runs that will  be much faster than just single player games. But the truth is, this fifth player will use their ability of block dropping power to punish other players, to trap them and even harass them, but  in all honesty it's a glorious and hilarious addition to Super Mario U.