Virtua Fighter 5 Secrets and Easter Eggs

Here I will list most of things that you can earn or see in  Virtua Fighter 5

Virtua Fighter 5

Old School Sega!
After you do the intial save game data load when you start up the Virtua Fighter 5 game, hold the O button while it loads up and just keep holding until it reaches the Sega logo screen. You should hear the old "SEGA!!!!" from the Genesis games.

The Sega Balloon
It's a random event that happens only on the Quest Mode Map Screen of In Virtua Fighter 5. For more information, check out The Sega Balloon section in the Quest Mode section.

Unlocking Dural
You can unlock Dural in Virtua Fighter 5. But you can't use her in Quest Mode or unlock her costumes. to unlock her, you have to first win at Arcade Mode with every character on the roster. You just have to complete Arcade Mode in Virtua Fighter 5 on any difficulty with all the characters. When you've done it, you should get a confirmation message shows that you've unlocked her.

To use her, just hit down underneath anyone on the bottom row, and she will appear. but she can only be used in Arcade Mode, Dojo, and Versus, and can't have Data made for her either.

Unlocking Costumes C and D
Well you didn't think that there are only two starter of outfits for all the characters in Virtua Fighter 5 did you? Virtua Fighter 5 has two more sets that you can use after you unlock them. And also they have their own items that can be bought for them as well but don't think that it's a simple one time earned thing!

To get Costume C what you have to do is just keep leveling up your character in Quest Mode, until you reach 1st Dan. And once you do you should have a confirmation message that says you've earned the costume. To get Costume D, you will have to complete your first Orb Disc and you should have it. I guess maybe that's the reason why the first disc was free ?

Watch Mode
In Virtua Fighter 5 if you just want to watch the characters go at it without you worrying about getting up each time to choose a match over and over? Well this little secret allows you to put the game into Watch Mode, so you can just sit back and enjoy some of the matches of the computer going at itself. Just for your entertainment until you think you've had enough watching and want to start playing.

First go into Virtua Fighter 5 TV and select the Exhibition Match. When you can select the characters, press and hold L1 and R1 and press X. You should hear a confirmation tone if you did it correctly. An just sit back and enjoy the show!

Unlocking the Dojo Stages
If you want to play Virtua Fighter 5 against your friends in the Dojo. Well it's a simple thing to do. But first you have to earn them. This can be done by completing a Time Attack. To enter a Time Attack, start up Command Training and you should have the option to begin the Time Attack session. Then just do what it tells you until you win. There's no time limit to beat. You should get a confirmation message that lets you know that you have won the two stages. After you complete a Time Attack. Now you have them available for use in Versus Mode.

Playing Route B in Arcade Mode
Do you know that in Virtua Fighter 5 there is another set of players that can be fought in Arcade Mode? Well when you get the question of the character that you are choosing is correct (the Yes or No part), hold down either the G button or the P button until your first match begins. You should now be on a new set of enemies leading up to Akira than the normal bunch you see often enough.