Runescape Fish Mask Increased Chance !!! Only for 24 Hours !!!

For all of you players that is crazed by the new rare item the Runescape fish mask, i personaly think that this is the right time for you to get your increased chance to get one of those runescape fish mask.

The Runescape team announced that there will be increased chance of getting the runescape fish mask

In less than 24 hours' time, starting from today the Squeal of Neptune will revert back to the Squeal of Fortune, along with your increased chances to win the tradabler rare runescape fish mask! Hurry up go online, and get yours before the item returned the depths of a rare slot!

The item will remain on the wheel throughout the summer, also along with the QBD and Jubilee themed items. However, there’s only just less than 24 hours’ time that you can take advantage from the increased chances to win the runescape fish mask! If you’re fast enough, the item can still be found on the Uncommon Prizes, so i suggest you to get spinning and see if you can catch yourself one of these cool rare item.

Runescape Fish Mask Price Development

Runescape Fish Mask

I want to share some of my thoughts on the Fish Mask about how it its price is going to change and also the reasons for why it is fluctuating.

Alright so at first there is this cool shiny new item that soon will become "discontinued" along with the fact that there aren't  many out on the market and also there is also uncertainty to the item prices.

Initial Price Range 4-7m
After this people will start to realize this item will become rare and discontinued and its creating a panic to get one before prices went crazy.

Price Range 5-9m
Now several days after realizing that the item is common on the squeal and that  buying spins generally yields multiple fish masks then the prices are steadily decreasing.

Price Range 2.7-3.5m
Following the end of the first week as an uncommon item on the sof prices are going even lower with more and more masks coming in, and also because  many players are flipping masks to try and sell it at a quick 100K or so. Now fish masks are really crashing hard.

Price Range 1.5-2m
Prices continue to  decrease and the masks change to the rare slot on the sof, and here is when there  will be a sharp increase in price when not many players realize this. More masks will be coming into the market. Players wont be selling their mask Even with the increase in price, because of the chance for increase.

Price Range 4-6m
When the prices slightly rise it is more likely be more crashes but throughout the summer the prices will remain steady . But as summer is over people who want to  sell their masks when prices rise will still be holding their masks and still hoping for a rise decreasing the amount of masks being sold

Price range 8-12m
When prices start to move  slowly through the winter and at the next summer players will still be holding on their runescape fish mask waiting for them to go up even higher increasing demand further. 

Price Range 15-20m
In this price range it people will go up higer and higher and become more rare. It is possible that the price range will go up even further.