Pokemon Conquest is To Teach children Strategy Games

If you are one of the people that love the work of Koei, then Pokemon Conquest will makes sense for you. In Pokemon Conquest game you will see a lot of the gameplay elements that you have come to love from Nobunaga's Ambition are still exist in there, but disguised very thin by the fact that it still involves Pokemon. And this  has been done on purpose, the Pokemon Conquest director Hisashi Koinuma told Joystiq, its as a way to teach children about strategy games.

Pokemon Conquest to teach children more of strategy games

Pokemon Conquest

We wanted to introduce the genre of simulation games to children, as Tecmo Koei has created a lot of simulation game titles, .It's not so much that we want them to start playing Nobunaga's Ambition as an entry point, but just as an entry point to the genre of simulation games.

"Especially in Japan," contiuned Hisashi Koinuma, "the number of users of simulation games has really dropped over the years, so in order to keep people interested in that genre, we hope that kids would play this game and would take it as a suggestion of 'oh, simulation games are like this.' Then in the future they'd continue playing simulation games."

Koinuma also to said that many potential fans of the genre are put off by the amount of difficult games that is on the market today.

Pokemon Conquest is featuring a turn-based strategy battle system. And up to six Pokémon on each side are positioned on the battlefield, its one for each participating Warlord, and both sides play by taking turns in moving and attacking with their Pokémon. A battle is won or lost when one side of Pokemon achieves the victory conditions for the match, and that is for example capturing all the flags on the field, defeating all the opponent's Pokémon, and so on. An When a battle is won, all participating Pokémon in the battle gain points to their Link with their current Warlords. 

The player can recruit more than one Warlord, and also more potential Pokémon to pick from for battle, throughout the game, and often by defeating them in the  battle. There is also a wireless mode multiplayer  in Pokemon Conquest which two players can battle each other.

In Pokémon Conquest, the region of Ransei is divided into 17 distinct kingdoms – one for each of the 17 types of Pokémon. Players will be able to choose from 36 playable Warlords, each with its own unique story, and they can engage in a series of turn-based battles in which they can control the Pokémon and also Warriors. In Pokemon Conquest the Battles can grow to include as many as 12 Pokémon in a six-on-six skirmish. If a player wins the battle Players will be able to recruit more Warlords and Warriors and they can gain access to additional allies. Along the way when playing Pokemon Conquest, they will also encounter a cool Warlords and Warriors that is inspired by the Japanese feudal era.

The Pokemon Conquest Game also includes a range of  different battle environments that can have affects on the gameplay. Falling rocks or spouts of hot lava might effect  how a battle unfolds, and also choosing the right  Pokémon type can mean the difference between Win and loose. Each Warlord has a special skill that can be used on the battlefield to help Pokémon.

Players can use a local wireless connection to face off in a two-player battles and share the adventure of Pokemon Conquest with a friend. Each player must own a Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS system and also a Pokémon Conquest game card.