Lollipop Chainsaw is Just another Shadow Of The Damned ?

When you see a game called entitled lollipop chainsaw, well it is going to be very confusing gathering thoughts about what the game could be, the connection between lollipop and a chainsaw? add a cheerleader element and you will be more curious but when zombie are added, then you will get the picture about the game.

Lollipop Chainsaw is set in a ridiculous plotline to fit the stupid-but-endearing style. Juliet Starling, a teenage zombie hunter and a high school cheerleader, finds her school the San Romero High overrun by a zombie infestation.

The Backgrounds of Juliet's entire family is made up of zombie hunters. Her two sisters - the older one is a sniper expert and the youngest one crazed and more obnoxiously "girly" than her middle sister - and her father will sometimes would show up in the game to help her out with her enemies. They appear at really odd time and intervals, and not really often enough for players to care about their appearance. And their best role they play in lollipop Chainsaw  is to drop off gifts that will upgrade Juliet's chainsaw. Well It is her birthday today, after all.

Juliet is really skilled with her chainsaw. And after she picks up a her new birthday gift from a new zone, she have the ability to shoot faraway enemies with a blaster and also dash to speed through the map. The gifts is used to unlock these chainsaw abilities, but you can buy permanent stat boosts and also combo moves and at shops scattered throughout San Romero.

Lollipop Chainsaw and Shadow Of The Damned

Lollipop Chainsaw

Lollipop Chainsaw has more than a few similarities to 2011 shooter also from Grasshopper's , Shadows of the Damned. Where the main character Garcia (Fucking) Hotspur preferred guns, Juliet hurls down with her pom poms and her gigantic  chainsaw. Where Garcia had a what it is like talking skull-on-a-stick for a sidekick, Juliet has Nick the decapitated, talking head of her boyfriend. Instead of demons, we have zombies. 

But the only truly great aspect of the combat is the Star Soul mode, in which Juliet can initiate after she killed enough zombies in order to fill a special meter. And in Star Soul mode, as every single swing of chainsaw becomes an instant kill, Juliet glitters with rainbow colors , and everything of it is set to Toni Basil's "Mickey." Zombies that fall left and right, Sparkle Hunting bonuses abound and the music brings it all home. And this is  the one time that every element of Lollipop Chainsaw really comes good together, and it's really illustrative of how one single and simple change can make the the whole experience more enjoyable. But sadly, you won't be slaughtering the zombies to the tune of "Mickey" in nearly often enough. 

Despite its flaws, Lollipop Chainsaw surely isn't terrible. The combat is still mechanically sound. Most of the characters are actually genuinely likable, and endearing by the end, even if the dialogue often misses the spot. What's makes it good about it all is that Grasshopper can do better. By adding a  few tweaks to the combat – weaker zombies, and perhaps even more of them – the game experience could be much more entertaining.