Dragon's Dogma Feature a Very Cool Character Creation Tool

In Dragon's Dogma the clever character-creation tool will let you build the spitting image of yourself. Even though Dragon's Dogma has some problems, but the game has it  points for being the most realistic depiction there's ever likely to be of your  life as a slayer of dragons, goblins and cyclopes.

Dragon's Dogma New "Pawn" System

Dragon's Dogma

But Before discussing the Dragon's Dogma  problems, I want to show you some of the brilliant stuff that Capcom Developer crafted in Dragon's Dogma, and its never-before-seen, frankly brilliant,  the "pawn" system. As you adventure trough out  the world, three computer-controlled warriors, known as pawns, will usually be tagging along. 

Your "main pawn" is your own personal, faithful servant, and  you may customize it using the same cool character-creation tools as your main character does. You can recruit two more pawns as you find venturing  around in the world to round out your party. 

If you're connected to the Internet through  PlayStation Network or Xbox Live, the pawns you see venturing around are the main pawns of other, real-life players. And those players, in turn, can see your main pawn walking around and that you can recruit him or her. 

Your pawn also gains experience and cash when serving other masters, and your character will  gets funneled back to you when they return. It's really a cool, interesting and satisfying new take on the player interaction that is added to the gameplay. 

The pawns gains experience while adventuring and also pass along strategies for taking down monsters,  where ambushes are likely to occur and where traps are hidden. They can also make a more passive observation, by saying such as "what a large tree" when you stumble up on a large tree. although they could be obnoxious most of the time, but you'll be gratefull for their advice when you're having trouble taking down a  new enemy that is difficult for you to handle.

In Dragon's Dogma you will face tough enemies. it is better not to stray too far from the roads, or  you're likely to run into dragons, cyclopes and fearsome creature like chimeras . These enemies might require a fair bit of strategy and a maybe little luck in order to beat them.

Dragon's Dogma large open-world environments is also compared to Capcom's own Monster Hunter series as well as The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Beside the large open world, Dragon's Dogma will also feature a large city environment with more than 200 NPCs who will act according to their own time schedules. And the player will be able to communicate with the residents of the city in full voice.

In Dragon's Dogma just like the other open world rpg games features a persistent world with a day-night cycle; and this affects the gameplay during the night, the world will feel more different. When the game takes on a more survival horror just like Capcom's Resident Evil series. In addition, the game's art style and character movements was compared to Dark Souls, and also the hack-and-slash combat elements was also compared to Devil May Cry and Dark Souls, in Dragon's Dogma some of the fantasy elements have been compared to Breath of Fire, the party systems and the combat have been compared to Monster Hunter.

Dragon's Dogma  is designed to be playable even for  those who are not that skilled at action games. If you are one of those players, then you can recruit strong NPCs and just let them do the fighting during combat as you watch over the battlefield. But players have access only to 40 to 50 hours of the main quest play and up to an additional 80 hours or more of side quests that they can enjoy.