NBA 2K13 is Better, Faster and Simpler To Play

The producer of NBA 2k13 Rob Jones is standing behind closed doors at the E3 video game conference, he is about to give it all to showcase 2K's latest basketball game. But before we're able to see the cool new stuff take the court, he pauses to address what we're about to witness.

"Everyone wondered how we were going to top 'NBA 2K11,' but we did it with '12,'" he says, "and we're about to top ourselves again with 'NBA 2K13.' The way we look at it is the sky is the limit in terms of basketball. We're focusing so hard on delivering the best basketball experience out there. We're here to deliver the finest gameplay while staying true to the sport."

The first thing we notice is the quicker gameplay pace in "NBA 2K13." All of the players are moving faster on screen, but its not the only thing, they also seem to be running the fast break more fluidly, even when dribbling with the ball out in front of their bodies a bit more.

"That's one of the things we really wanted to improve," said Jones. "To the naked eye, the visuals will be very familiar to what people have seen, but the experience as a user of playing the game is wildly different. Mostly, we've achieved a much better balance when you’re playing defense.

"The biggest thing for us this year is giving you way more control while at the same time not losing anything, and that's tough considering there are only so many buttons and sticks. But I think we've achieved this, and we've achieved it in spades. We really feel like the gameplay experience has jumped significantly from NBA '2K12' to ' NBA 2K13,' and that's what we’re most excited about."

"Why do we tweak stuff so much?" Jones asked to the room. "Because this allows us to get things into the game that weren't possible the year before, whether it's the controls or the experience on the court. You'll see more physicality on defense. We've really worked on the way players collide and fall, and we've done a lot of work on the way players react on court during the game.

"We want to make people alive this year. We always talk about it, but we scheduled out the whole team for a certain amount of time just to bring more emotion into the experience. Last year if you hit a buzzer-beater, there would be a pause as everyone stood around, then they reacted. Fixing little things like that will help elevate the emotional level throughout the game. We want to keep the emotions high at all times. We're always so obsessed with how many new shots we could add or how many new dribble moves we could add, but this emotional aspect is a huge component to individuals jumping into our game."

The controls this year will be simpler for first-time users said Jones,  2K Sports really tries hard  to make NBA 2K13 attract a wider audience without sacrificing what has made the game is loved by sports game lovers out there

"I think we're going to deliver a game that's more casual, but deeper all at the same time," said Jones. "A casual guy will be able to do everything in our game and enjoy it and think that's he's cool, but then he'll get his butt kicked by someone who really understands how the mechanics work."

NBA 2K13 My Player Feature is Better

NBA 2K13

"My Player is the most-played and most-loved mode in all of ' NBA 2K13 ,'" said Jones. "The 3-point contest and the dunk contest are only available to you in My Player if you get this pre-sell, and it's really great to see this integration. We strive to deliver experiences that really fit together, and when you get invited to participate in All-Star Weekend, it really just adds to the excitement of what you're doing in the game.

And as we know from the real NBA players testimonial about NBA 2K13 from Kobe, Griffin and Rose they loved NBA 2K13. But what do they know about gaming? I think its better to leave the NBA 2K13 critics to gamers.