Borderlands 2 Commando Gameplay and Walktrough

The main idea of the Borderlands 2 Commando is still  the same as the original Borderlands's Soldier, The Borderlands 2 Commando is meant to be more highly trained and advance. "We wanted to do a class that was similar to the Soldier but we felt like we wanted to level him up and make him even more badass than the original Soldier, so we created the Commando," said Jeramy Cooke, as the art director on Borderlands 2. "He's our special forces type of character. He actually has a little bit of story. I don't want to kind of get into too many of the details, maybe one interesting thing is he wears the dog tag from his wife who was also in the military and she's now dead."

Borderlands 2 Commando

In order to reinforce the notion of the Borderlands 2 Commando as an elite Soldier, the game developer Gearbox created a better  system for the players to customize the turret functionality. "We brought back a type of turret but this is sort of the next generation," said Cooke. "[It's] created by the Dahl Corporation which has grown and gotten more advanced as time has passed and so they've built a lot of new features into the new turret. We're not going to get into all the fine details of it but it can do a lot of really unique things. If you're familiar with longbow grenades from the first game, you can throw a grenade and it would instantly teleport like a real gunshot all the way to where you're pointing. You can now actually have longbow turret so instead of just dropping the turret at your feet you can fire it out at long range, use it to pull enemies or to begin combat. Each [skill] tree has its own kind of big change to the turret and many of the skills modify, upgrade, and visually change the way it looks. So again, when you see somebody throw out a turret you're going to really understand kind of what their build is if you're familiar with the class."

Borderlands 2 Commando Walktrough Video

Similar to  the rest of  classes, the Borderlands 2 Commando will also have three main branches of his skill tree that focus on different aspects of combat. As Cooke explains, "We have what we call our Guerilla tree which is kind of all about getting in there and fighting. It's short range and it has a lot of aggro features built into the turret where you can fight with a shotgun." Basically, that means the turret will be able to hold the attention of enemies and absorb damage while you run around blasting shotguns or SMGs or whatever else. 

If you wish to keep your distance when you play Borderlands 2 Commando, his  two other trees may be of interest. "Some of these names may be subject to change, by the way, but right now we have our gunpowder tree which is sort of medium range combat. It has the longbow turret in it and it focuses more heavily on medium range explosives and to some extent some sniping. Then we have our Survival tree which is all about defense and it has a lot of cool utility powers in it as well. It's a little more of a technical, tactical kind of a tree. It has a ton of depth if you really want to explore all the different ways you can leverage those skills. It's really fun to splash that Survival tree in with one of the other ones and you can create a lot of unique combinations of play styles out of that."  Cook explained about the Borderlands 2 Commando Skill tree