Borderlands 2 Assassin Gameplay And Walktrough

Just like the other classes Borderlands 2 Assassin classes skill set can be customized to your preferred play style. Do you want to focus on close-up strikes? or maybe Long-distance sniper shots? You can do it with the Borderlands 2 Assassin class, which according to Gearbox is the only class with a clear defined weapons preference. If you really into sniping, then the Borderlands 2 Assassin could be a class choice. 

Borderlands 2 Assassin

The Borderlands 2 Assassin character customization system is built around a primary action skill. The Siren phaselocks enemies, the Commando spawns a turret, the Gunzerker dual-wields weapons and the Assassin pull out a decoy and enters into a temporary stealth state. As the Borderlands 2 Assassin -- named Zer0 -- levels up, you will be able to  activate new skills to edit  the functionality of the stealth state, which from the look of things this has some interesting timing-based gameplay built in it. 

Borderlands 2 Assassin 's or Zer0's primary action skill has a lot in common with Lilith the Siren's Phasewalk from the first series, but it is different in a few important ways. Zer0 will go into stealth mode when the action skill is triggered and create a holographic decoy of himself. Enemies attentions are drawn to the decoy, so he will be able to sneak around and score some critical hits. While stealthed Zer0 is not invulnerable, however, and he can still be injured by grenades and other weapons that has splash damage. 

Playing as Borderlands 2 Assasins, if you attack by your sword or gun  it will break the stealth mode. The stealth mode will also end after the time reaches zero. If you attack early during the stealth mode, the cooldown to initiate it again will be shorter. If you wait until near the end of the stealth period to attack, the damage will increase. 

Borderlands 2 Assassin  Zer0 uses a sword often in the trailer, the blade is not an equippable item. You won't change swords the same way you change guns. But instead, the sword is his basic melee attack, but it can be enhanced its effectiveness in combat. There's actually reason for the lack of sword customization built into the world of Borderlands 2, its called 'digistruction'. "Digistruct is a term in the Borderlands universe for this ability of having like a digital blueprint that can then be built, you know, on demand," said Hellquist. "That's how our cars appear in the world and a lot of things in the game are constructed in this way…when you pull your guns out they digistructed out of their holster. Hopefully people will finally get to really realize all this kind of cool technology we invented. In fact even Claptrap has a digistruct module. If you've ever seen his little tray pop out of his chest, he's got a digistruct module in there." 

Deception is a skill  that Borderlands 2 Assassin 's  has that grants the players the ability to deploy a holographic decoy of himself and then enter an invisible "stealth state." While cloaked Zer0 can move in the battlefield and dealing critical strikes to his enemies. While cloaked the special vision shows enemies' critical hit locations that is highlighted in blue. If Zer0 stays cloaked longer then the more damage he can give to his enemies. Unlike Lilith when she Phasewalks, Borderlands 2 Assassin or Zer0 does not enter a separate dimension, and he can still take damage from grenades and other forms of splash damage while cloaked.

Borderlands 2 Assassin Walktrough Video