Zerg Rush - Another Google Great Work

Tiny, weak, and you can't even win against them. Again, google invented some easter egg that stole the attention of the entire world. Now, they're creating some mini game on the search engine called Zerg Rush. What is this Zerg Rush? Any connection with Zerg Rush strategy from starcraft? Scroll down if you wanna know.

Zerg Rush on Google

Zerg Rush on Google 

Well, Zerg Rush can be categorized into one of the most simple game. You can try the game by entering "Zerg Rush" in google keyword. Soon after you press enter, the search results appear but you can't click any of the search results. Instead, a small Os from Google logo is appearing from everywhere and started to eat your search result. Your objective is to eliminate them using your pointer and clicking at them. Actually, you can't win at all lol. Eliminating one of them and another will come up, just like that. The game will over when the Os had eaten up all your search result, than they will form "GG" means google and the game is over. However, you can submit your score of eliminating Os in Google+ and compete with your other friends. 

So, what are the true purpose for google in making this? Yeah, actually it's from Starcraft 2 Zerg Rush. Zerg Rush in starcraft 2 is a strategy using a small and weak "zerglings" but in a huge quantity to defeat stronger enemy. The same concept of Zerg Rush implemented by google in their Zerg Rush mini game. The Os seems weak, only 2-3 shots and they're dead. So why are we keep losing to them? Because we can completely overcome them because of their huge quantitiy but we can only shoot and one of them at a time. That's zerg rush. Pure creative google ^^

And how's people reaction to this Zerg Rush? Impressive. The Zerg Rush is well known by a lot of people on the net and a lot has played it. Somehow the game can become quite addicting if you're interested to be the number one upon your friend in Google+ :D But, some of the peoples on the net stated their disappointment because there are no winning in this game. Any way you eliminate the Os, so far there's still no winner to the game. Only a high scorer which maybe spends his soul for hours in defeating the Os as quick as possible and get a high score. But overall, Zerg Rush gets a pretty big success ^^

Actually, Zerg Rush is not the only easter egg created by google. There's much special easter eggs that google created for several reason, like to appreciate some works, like an old game called Starfox with its popular keyword "do a barrel roll" (try it, its fun ^^) and much more. Remember the 8-bit version of google maps? That's one of googles easter egg in its participation for April Fools' day. And of course the newest starcraft 2 with its Zerg Rush. And there's google, the creativity will never go down. There will be more, and we can't wait to see it.