Dino Run - Save The Dino From Extinction

Pixeljamgames create a somewhat funny games called Dino Run. Pretty much explained from the title, our goal is to control the dino so it can run and saved from extinction. Somehow the game reminds me a lot of games which has the same type as Dino Run, but actually this game is more attracting. So, let's discuss about Dino Run.

Dino Run

Dino Run

First time i found out about dino run, i fount nothing special actually. The 2D graphic didn't give a lot of attraction to me, but somehow when i try the game, the effect of the game successfully got me. The one i remember most is when the timer runs out and the graphic become silhouette when the dino desperately escaping his doom. This quite unique and creative, not just simply dead by explosion or something.

Well, let me explain the plot of dino run. You're controlling a dino (basic control left and right to move, up to jump and down to duck) and the dino is trying to escape from meteor which extinct all the dino around the world (poor them T.T). Along the way, the dino can collect eggs, and must avoid a lot of huge dinosaurs blocking the way. I found that the dino can get some special boost by eating a random food, so he goes berserk and can pass through huger dinosaurs. Yeah! I laugh to death when seeing a small dino can make a large triceratops fly high when bumping into it. Of course you get scores when bumping into bigger dinos and eating smaller dinos and collecting eggs. And i accidentally found that if i jump into pterodactyl (ancient bird if you don't know -_-) and it can grab you and fly  for a shord distance. Pretty cool for you who are lazy to dodge and jump on the ground :)

Dino Run is divided into 2 modes. Challenge is the default mode, which contains 7 level. The other one of dino run is speedruns which has more level but needs to unlocked for some price. There are 4 difficulties on dino run, easy normal hard and insane! which i suppose you are already understand.

My critic for dino run is, the graphic quality can be improved much more. Dino run looks like a lame 8-bit to me (it's not actually :P) the background is good and the effect when meteor falls and the screen brightness changes along the run, but the dino is so poorly drawn. I don't know if the makers want to make it like this as their trademark or else, but if the graphic has more quality, i believe it will be a cool games.

Dino Run enabled the player to use cheat, but the score won't be counted. Here's the list of cheat that you can apply at the game option.

Result Password
Low Gravity - astrosaur
Huge Jump - leapinliz
High Speed - dinoracer
All Rocks = ballons - goofballs
No Doom Wall - explore
Super Strong - calcium
Lots of Meteors - smokey
No Sun - goodbyesun
Lots of Hats - don8tosaur
Extra Hat (might be outdated) - totinos

Maybe that's all about the game. Maybe later i will go with the in game guides and tutorial, but that's it for now. You can play Dino Run here ^^