WoW Hunter - Updates on Racial Selection and Skills

A long ranger which deal massive damage and hardly reachable by the enemy

WoW Hunter, like most of mmorpg, is of course a long-ranged class. Being a WoW hunter is actually quite fun. You can almost use every race for WoW hunter, well except gnomes (probably to small lol). The special skills given by each races doesn't quite affect WoW hunter actually. The skills possessed by WoW hunters actually outshadow any racials. With the recent Cataclysm update, there are also a couple of change in Hunter class. So what's the best potential of WoW hunter?

WoW Hunter Guides

WoW hunter

Race - WoW Hunter Guides

On the latest update of Cataclysm, there's several change in the race available for WoW Hunter. Here's the brief explanation


Started with dwarves, many argue that Dwarves probably is the best race from Alliance to be a hunter. This due to its gun specialization which increase critical strike by 1% for all guns. The stone form ability also has a high usefulness against rogue in PvP.

Night Elves 
Nelf can be somewhat useful if become a hunter. Maybe you're being attacked from nowhere, that's probably a nelf hunter. The 2% dodge chance bonus from nelf also quite useful.

Draenei Draenei is an all round race which is also good for hunter to survive through battle. Also, draenei has a +1% hit racial.

Just after Cataclysm released, now human can finally be a hunter. But actually, the racial skill of human is not much use for hunter, so we'll skip

The were-wolf class give an extra 1% increased chance to crit which is nice, and they can move quicker periodically which also useful for hunters to avoid enemy.


The best racial for WoW hunter class, due to it's racial skills which is actually specialized for hunters. Berserking racial can increase DPS and Bow Specialization increase critical chance of any bow type for 1%. Trolls also has a benefit in leveling with its +5% damage to beasts and quite helpful in gaining experience.

A tauren is more a PvP hunter class, due to its 5% bonus to health which is valuable in PvP. The warstomp is also good, giving the stun status to enemy. But as a hunter, you'll probably avoiding any close contact with enemies, so the skill is not much useful. Herbalism is also good for regenerating health faster.

Blood Elves 
Not much to say because Blood Elves ability doesn't help WoW hunter class much. Arcane Torrent is quite helpful to give silence in AoE, but same as tauren, you'll probably avoiding close contact with enemies. One good thing about blood elves is, they sure have the best look from the other racial.

Orcs Blood Fury increase DPS greatly and a 5% more pet damage is quite helpful for archer. Hardiness also gives 15% resistance to stun which gave a huge contribution in PvP.

First appear in cataclysm, undead doesn't really suit for hunter class, only Will of Forsaken is good to remove negative buffs in PvP.

Another cataclysm update, which has a haste skill to increase movement and gain range ability to increase the range. Not much helpful though.

Abilities Update - WoW Hunter Guides

Cobra Shot (level 81) deal nature damage instead of physical. Shares cooldown with steady shot. Deals damage, refreshes serpent ring, generates 9 focus.

Trap Launcher (level 83) when used, the next trap is launch for 40 yards, ang given the Freezing Arrow treatment to all traps. This skills will actually removed the current WoW hunter Freezing Arrow. 1 minute cooldown, and has no global cooldown.

Camouflage (level 85) when used, WoW hunter turns into a obscure state that it will be invurnerable to range attack. WoW hunter will still take damage from melee and AoE, and the skill will ended if WoW hunter being attacked or attacking other enemies.