Diablo 3 Error 3004 - Diablo 3 Error and How to Solve

Just another Diablo 3 beta error
Diablo 3 is now on its beta phase, before it's officially launched on May 15 2012. Somehow, there are several error that quite annoy the gamers. One of them is Diablo 3 error 3004, which is quite annoying. Here i will give you a full list of error in Diablo 3 Beta and how to solve it.

Diablo 3 Error 3004 and others

Diablo 3 Error 3004

  • Error 12 The error is currently still under investigation. Didn't really known what was this error about. For the resolve, you must change your battle.net password to refresh your account. Once the password changed, there will be no more error and you can change your password back to what it was
  • Error 33 and 34200 It means the server is currently undergoing maintenance. All you can do is wait patiently until the maintenance is over.
  • Error 37 This error indicates that the server is currently full. Wow that's suck. Some people said that keep spamming on login can brought you in, you can try that.
  • Error 24000 This is a game error, which appear after you log in. The team is currently fixing this down. What you can do is trying to log in again.
  • Error 3003 or error 75 This probably appear because you are outside american zone. Click options, and under account you can change your region to The Americas. This happen because the open beta only being held on US hardware.
  • Diablo 3 Error 3004, 3006, 3007, or 300008 The error revers to timeouts or creation errors due to some problem in-game. This error comes from the server, and are currently repaired by the team. All you need to do is to keep trying again.
  • Error 315300 This probably due to the incorrect login information. Make sure there's no additional space after your username and password, or check your caps lock. If the error still appear, there's probably an error in your foreign language appdata files. There's a lot of steps on the net to fix the appdata, but are not guaranteed.
  • Gray Login Button This only means you're not using a battle.net email on your account name. Use your battle.net email, not your Battle.Tag
Those errors, including diablo 3 error 3004 annoys a lot of people. Well, it's true that the error is annoying. But what can we say, it's still a beta. The team must have solved or repair some of them, and they must repair all of them! We need a smooth gaming experience!! We may hope that the game will be on it's best condition on May 15. The campaign throughout the net is awesome. You can see numerous post on 9gag.com saying that the game will take your soul in it, or the game is so exciting that you skip your work just to play the game. It's so nice to have enthusiasm in playing a great game, and we will be upset if the game turns out to have a lot of issues.

Well, there's all the error and the resolve i can get, including the diablo 3 error 3004 issue. Now, around 2 weeks from the official release, let's hope that all the errors and bugs are solved by the team, and when May 15 comes, it will be a smooth opening, and let our soul trapped on Diablo 3 ^^