Diablo 3 Monk Introduction

Two more weeks from the grand launching of Diablo 3, gamers will be preparing to spend entire day leveling up. Maybe some of you will call your work for sick, just to play this game lol. And maybe some of you guys will probably still wondering which class should you take at first. Well, today i'll give you some explanation, guides, and tips about Diablo 3 monk class.

Diablo 3 Monk Guides

Diablo 3 Monk

Monk Description - Diablo 3 Monk Guide
Diablo 3 monk is a melee class fighter which specialized in hand-to-hand combat, but are capable in using 2-handed staves and Daibos (monk special staves). Monk loves to go head-to-head with it's opponent, and has a solid combination between single target attack and AoE (Area of Effect) attack.

Why Monk? - Diablo 3 Monk Guide
Well, for player who likes a melee character especially monk, diablo 3 monk is really gives what you want. The ability monk posses support monk in battle a lot, especially for surviving. Notes that monk has a high survivability supported by its abilities. Thus makes monk hard to kill, but also dealing a great damage. Monk abilities also support it to become a buffer for the party. Some monk skills, like mantra, can buff entire player 40 yards from him.

Monk Gameplay - Diablo 3 Monk Guide
Diablo 3 monk has a specialty in using combos. Most of the combo will take effect on its third use. For example, you're using Fist of Thunder that deal lightning damage. On first and second use, the damage you deal is only single targeted but on third consecutive use, the damage will be AoE around you. Cool~ Also, Monk uses a rune to modify it's abilities. There are around 20 abilities and each of them can be modified with 1 or 5 runes.  Each runes gives different effect, such as buff, etc. The freedom to experiment the abilities build give the chance to player to develop the monk to suit their gameplay and taste.

Weakness - Diablo 3 Monk Guide
Diablo 3 monk is blessed with the abilities to support, sacrificing his offensive abilities. As a buffer for team, and survivability, monk is the best compared to another class, but in offensive, he's powerful, but not the most.

In the end, your gaming style determines if you're suitable for monk or not. But, for you who loves to take more supportive role in the party, you can pick monk.

Diablo 3 Monk Quick Guides

Diablo 3 Monk Girl

Your daily life as a monk begins. And what will you do first? Of course to level up your monk. The skill build that are best for leveling early is Fist of Thunder, which is available since the start. It generates 6 Spirit per attack, and also converting your weapon damage into Lightning damage. On the third use, the abilities will change into AoE damage, dealing damage to enemy in front of you. The skill is a must if you want to level up fast, its fun. Reaching level 10 is quite easy. You can pick the skill that suits you, like Blinding Flash at level 2. The skill blinds all the enemies around you (20 yard), giving 30% chance to miss their attack. Also there's dashing strike at level 6 that allows you to instantly dashing towards the opponent and root them for one second. This skill really cuts your travel time due to its long distance. It's up to you to pick up which skill suits you most. You can see Monk skill list on Diablo 3 Monk wiki