Guild Wars 2 Beta - Review and Other Information

The dragon has awaken. Now its up to you to put it back to its deep sleep

The long awaited Guild Wars 2 has finally come to its open beta. For years, Guild Wars 2 has been on the minds of a lot of gamers, and finally the trial can be played now. What's there on the Guild Wars 2 beta? Let's check it out!

Guild Wars 2 Beta

Guild Wars 2 Beta

First let's have a brief on Guild Wars 2 beta. It's actually a sequel, or an expansion of the successful MMO Guild Wars that has been released some years ago. Now, Guild Wars 2 beta brings some cool new feature to the game to be tested by all gamers around the world, including 3D environment and of course the most awaited underworld exploration, which enable you to travel and fight underworld.

Now, entering the Guild Wars 2 Beta, a lot of gamers has tried the game and the respond are majorly, POSITIVE! I browse about peoples comment on the net and i rarely found a negative comments about the game. Considering Guild Wars 2 Beta is still on beta, i assume that the game will be more perfect on its official release. Now, i'm trying to sum peoples comment base on each of the aspect.

Nowadays, the major aspect the game is scored is based on the graphical system, besides its storyline. And guess what, Guild Wars 2 graphic is excellent! The detail given on Guild Wars 2 makes the game look realistic and feels bright. Also, the huge world Guild Wars 2 offer makes the gamer have a plenty of area to explore, means a lot of hour to spend. But, due to its excellent graphic, it has a disadvantage for a low spec user, which will have some difficulty in playing the game.

The overall for the sound is also good, and fits the game properly. The narrative sound completely delivered the objectives of the game to the player. Actually,, the sound is not perfectly sync with the actor's animations, but is still in development by the team.

There's a limited time for gamers to play Guild Wars 2 beta, but the first impression of the gameplay is good. However, Guild Wars 2 beta has a huge area to explore, and you will be able to explore every corner of Guild Wars 2 beta if the game has officially released.

The combat was well improved. One thing you notice when first time playing Guild Wars 2 beta is the polish, complexity, and depth of the combat system. You are free to explore your style of gaming through this flexible combat system, whatever class you play.

Some MMO has a boring quest system. Maybe you've experienced a lot of collecting item, or killing a number of monsters. But Guild Wars 2 beta has figured a very interactive quest so that it gives a fresh quest to players.

Well, i proudly say that Guild Wars 2 is a free to play MMO! Well, you can buy using real money of course (called gem) but actually, you can also traded gem with your in-game money! A couple of dedication in farming for money, and you'll get a plenty of gem.

Simply said, Guild Wars 2 beta is awesome, really fun to play. Even from reading the review makes a lot of people want to try this game to see how perfect the game is. However, Guild Wars 2 beta is still on development, and the developer hasn't stated the release date. The beta sign up for Guild Wars 2 beta had ended actually, and for the official Guild Wars 2, you'll still have to wait. Meh >.<