Run 2 - Run, Fight the Gravity

Run 2 is a flash game made by Joseph Cloutier that has a unique concept of running game. The game main concept is avoid and run, but while running player can jump to other platform side and the screen will rotate. Well, fighting gravity is it? Let's learn more about Run 2. Run run run!

Run 2

Run 2

Basic Control of Run 2 is only using keyboard. Press left and right to control, and space bar to jump. Thats it.

The objective of Run 2 is to run! Run through each level and collect the bonus item on each level. Each level has obstacle and will require some timing and precision to complete the level.

You can choose either to Run and to Skate. Run is easy to control, but jump shorter, while skate can jump longer, but control harder.

Run 2 is a sequel of its previous version, and having a huge improvement both on graphic and gameplay. While the objective is still the same, also with the 'fighting gravity, the whole graphic was totally remake. Now the platform where we run is in 3D, not just a thin platform. Also, in Run, we're running on a square tunnel, while in Run 2, the game has become an open world with lesser platform for character to run. It requires us to jump from one platform to another to pass the level, not just simply avoiding the hole. The maker of the game also added a bonus item on each level, and making the trail to get that item harder than just finishing the level. The basic feature of the game also being improved. There's a spot called no-rotate zone, so when you jump into the platform, it will not rotate.

Run 2 also have a level editor, so you can make your own running path and can run in it yourself. To make a path, simply use your mouse to put the platform at where you want. Press and hold spacebar and drag to rotate the map.

Well, at first, i admit that Run 2 looks boring. After some review on Tribes Ascend or Diablo 3, and look after this game, no wonder i'm a bit lazy. But guess what, when i try to play this game only to collect the resource for review, it spent 1 hour -_- Actually this game is fun and addicting (not mentioning frustrating :P) Yeah, Run 2 is different from the previous version. Run 2 is much much harder than Run. Run 2 requires more timing and precision in jumping, thus making this game addicting also frustrating. After browsing the net, i also found that if we collect 60 bonus item (one on each level) we can get impossible badge, which unlock some other feature of the game.I search on the net and found that if you get the impossible badge, you can run on skater, and skate on runner level. Also, you are given ability to jump midair. That give more motivation to complete the game right?

A lot of peoples comment on the net also proved that the game gives a lot of fun and is addicting. So, wanna try? You can play Run 2 here or the other site.


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