Enchanting Minecraft Basic Tutorial

Make your item stronger by enchanting, and you'll rule the game 

Enchanting Minecraft is one of game mechanic in minecraft. The use is of course, to enchant some special effect / bonus to weapons, armor, or tools. How is it done, and what is the requirement, is what i want to explain in this section. Enjoy ^^

Enchanting Minecraft

Enchanting Minecraft

First of all, i will explain about the requirement of enchanting minecraft.
  • Enchantment Table Enchantment Table is a block. It consumes player exp in each use, but in return, you can enchant your weapons, armor, or tools to become stronger or giving special bonus.
  • Experience level Experience level is required in enchanting. The amount of Experience taken is depend on the level of enchantment.
  • Bookshelves Bookshelves affect the enchantment level of item. Below i will give the detailed information about bookshelves.

    Enchanting Minecraft instruction
    To enchant an item, place Enchantment Table on the ground. Right-click on it and put an enchantable item from your invent onto the square under the book icon. After that, a random enchantments will appear on the right menu. The available option will be highlight, otherwise will be grayed.

    If you want to get different enchantment (because it's random every time you put into the table) simply replace and place it on the table again. After you've done enchanting the item, the item will glow and the special power you choose will be enchanted on the item. The enchantment process can be done once, and cannot be undone.

    Now, i'll explain about the use of Bookshelves. Bookshelves determine the enchantment level available for enchanting. It's random actually, but the more bookshelves around the Enchantment Table, the higher level is available.

    The formula of Enchanting minecraft > (1..5 + (b/2) + 0..b) × s 
    b = number of nearby bookshelves (maximum of 30) 
    s = slot factor 

    And here's the table of bookshelves use

    Tables of Bookshelves

    Bookshelf Placement
    How to get 30 bookshelves around the Enchantment Table? The requirement for placing bookshelves so it works perfectly is it have 1 cell free from enchantment table. The space between the two object must be Air. Even if torch is stand between the two object, the connection will be broken and bookshelf will no longer give effect to enchantment. So how to place the bookshelf properly? Here's the optimal way.

    Enchanting Minecraft Bookshelves

    From the pic, we can see that the two-stories bookshelves circling around the Enchanting Table without touching it. Also, there's nothing between the table and bookshelf. Thus, we can get the optimal of 30 bookshelves for enchanting.

    Enchanted item names
    Somehow, the name is generated randomly from the following list of words. There are possibilities of three to five words from the list and appened to each other. The name does not explain the effect at all actually :P Well, here's the list of name

    scrolls klaatu berata niktu xyzzy bless curse light darkness fire air earth water hot dry cold wet elder ignite snuff embiggen twist shorten stretch fiddle destroy imbue galvanize enchant free limited range of the towards inside sphere cube self other ball mental physical grow shrink demon elemental spirit animal creature beast humanoid undead fresh stale 

    Well, that's about the basic of enchantment. Maybe i'll write about the detailed one later. End of Enchanting Minecraft. Thanks for reading :)