Crysis 3 - Combination of the Two Previous

Developer of Crysis game, Crytek, finally announce that they're starting to develop the newest version of the Crysis game, Crysis 3. From the last 2 parts, there are difference in the area of play. From Crysis 1 the location is in some tropical island with a dense forest, and on Crysis 2 the location is in some big cities. Now, Crytek is trying to combine that 2 settings in Crysis 3.

Crysis 3

Crysis 3

The main character, known as Prophet, is back to New York after his Crysis 2 appearance, only to find that New York has been covered in Nanodome, which makes plants grow all over the city like a tropical forest. Also, there are swamps and river across the city. Based on the picture released by Crytek, Crysis 3 main character, Prophet, use Crossbow as his main weapon, which he will use while conquering the deep forest of New York. Also, Nanosuit, the high technology armor that is used since the first episode once again getting some improvement to increase it's power.

In Crysis 3, New York city will be divided into 7 district, known as Seven Wonders. Players must travel through that 7 districts and fight through it with some diffrent strategies. There, he will fight an antagonist Cell Corporation. One of the Cell Coroporation action to fulfill their goal for global domination is by building Nanodomes, which is actually works as a decoy to ease the Cell's work.

Crysis 3 is rumoured to be released on 2013 (so long T.T) and the developer promised to make Crysis 3 something that can give a great experience for gamer.

Crysis 3 Bow

Crysis 3 Bow

Description of the feature of Crysis 3 (based on the official web of Crysis 3)

Advanced Weaponry - Crysis 3
Crysis introduced Nanosuit, which is an advanced weaponry. And it gives you the booster for being stronger and tougher.

Adaptive Warfare - Crysis 3
The key of Crysis 3 is to adept to the surrounding condition. In Crysis 3, you're conditioned as a player who are against an entire city and hostile terrain. Practice to take the advantage from the enemy, to take them down. You got some help from the nanosuit, but in the end, experience will talk much.

Become The Hunter - Crysis 3
In previous version of Crysis, the main character fight to defend his country. But now, as the entrance of the antagonist Cell which is human, now the defender will turn into the hunter.

Seven Wonders - Crysis 3
The Seven Wonders in Crysis 3 is intended to make the player experience different element of the game, and requires the player to adept with different condition on each wonders.

Power of the Cryengine - Crysis 3
The key of Crysis success, Cryengine nevertheless has become the main actor of giving a great graphic quality to give pleasure to every gamer who play Crysis.

What sucks is, the game is not released yet. 2013, another year of wait until we can play this third sequel of great game. Reading the review is amazing, imagining the game is fascinating, but unable to play it now is quite depressing. I can only say, soon, we must play this game lol ^^