FEZ - Simple and Addicting

A puzzle platformer games with a  unique main character wearing a fez and obsessed with collecting hats, lol



FEZ,is a video game developed by Polytron and are using a 2D perspective shifting. The mission is to solve puzzles, and of course to complete the levels. FEZ first show up is at 2008 Independent Games Festival, and quickly nominated for two awards: “Excellence in Visual Art” and “Design Innovation”, finally winning the first category. The mastermind behind FEZ, Phil Fish, then created “Polytron Corporation” as a banner for FEZ which then he would develop and release FEZ. Before it’s released, FEZ had already received some great achievements, like  showing at PAX Prime 2011 as  one of the PAX 10, etc. Now, FEZ only operated at Xbox 360, but the developer will consider to bring it to other platform if it sells well.

The game-play of FEZ itself is rather simple but unique. It’s primarily map traversal, item collection, and discovery. The main character, Gomez, by any chance,  gains the ability to rotate a 2D world. Yep,  actually Gomez lives in 2D world. But, the ability to rotate the 2D map in 90 degrees, based on the (Y) axis of the screen, reveals that the environment is actually 3D. The unique is, despite the ability of rotating the 2D map, Gomez can only interact with obstacle and item which were in the same ground as Gomez. For example, if Gomez is standing in the background layer, he can’t access the foreground layer. Gomez will appear shadowed, and will become silhouette if he completely hidden behind the foreground object.

FEZ Screenshot

FEZ Screenshot

Gomez has no health, so he will automatically dead by falling, etc, and will immediately re-spawn on the stable platform he recently stood on.

The mission is to collect cubes. There are total 64 cubes (32 Gold Cubes and 32 Blue Anti-Cube ), and to obtain that, you’re required to solve puzzles and follow the instructions.

After completing the game, you can start a New Game + , which gives you the ability to view from a first person perspective. WOW. By the way, there are several puzzles that require the first person view in order to complete it. New Game + also gives you the ability to fly!

The other thing about FEZ is, it contains some hidden language, carved in stone and glyphs throughout the game. And still, some of them still being decrypted. The hidden languages usually leads into some clue or secret that reveals more challenge to the game itself.

FEZ Trailer

From the trailer, it shows the 2D world is actually a 3D world, but still maintaining the 2D for the gameplay. The graphic is not as much as Crysis, or Skyrim, but the concept is unique. The review from a lot of site gives FEZ a perfect score, which shows that FEZ is really a good game to play.

Maybe some of you will reject the game because of the game because the graphic quality is not like skyrim, or the gameplay is rather simple. But,  by conquering the game all the way to it’s core, thou shall  get the pleasure and satisfy. Enjoy!!