Sniper Elite V2 - Brings the World War

"One bullet can change history"
Sniper Elite V2

Sniper Elite V2
Rebellion Development will soon release their latest project Sniper Elite V2, which is the sequel of its former release, Sniper Elite. Sniper Elite V2 gives you an epic event of World War II at the major clash between Germany and Russia, it will be a game worth to play. So let's find out what it is like to be the WW2 marksman.
In Sniper Elite V2, you are controlling Karl Fairburne, an undercover American OSS agent which given a mission to recruit a rocket scientists from Germany whom involved in the V-2 rocket programme. As a marksman, you are given a mission to solve, and of course, to kill Nazi. The location of the game itself is the same as it's predecessor - the Battle of Berlin in April 1945.

Sniper Elite V2 Screenshot

Sniper Elite V2 Sniper

Sniper Elite V2 is a third-person shooter that focuses on stealth, killing enemy in silent and undetected by the other enemies around. The aim while using the sniper scope is first person, whereas the movement and other action is in third person view.  The view itself changes when you shoot your bullet. After pressing the trigger, the view will change from scope into third person, which will trail the bullet until it hits the target. Upon reaching the target, it will turn into X-ray body, from there you can see the bullet pierce through several human organ.

About the detail of the game-play, Sniper Elite V2 introduced Advance Sniping Simulation. It means, you are not supposed to simply aim the red-dot at the enemies body, but things like gravity, bullet penetration, velocity, aim stability, wind, etc, does take effect. The other cool thing in Sniper Elite V2 is the mortal kombat - like X-Ray Kill-cam, which shows the bullet crush the enemies body. Also, "One bullet can change history" as Sniper Elite V2 motto means that players is given the chance to choose the afterward of the game-play. Whether it will be a brutal open battle, or a stealth killing which will be more safer, is all up to the player.

Sniper Elite V2 Trailer

The awesomeness of the game can be seen from the trailer. The graphic, from the aiming of the commander, and the release of the bullet, until when the bullet pierce through of the commander’s neck, is pure awesome, giving you another real life experience of gaming. And also, we can assume that, killing the commander first is more mental-breaking than killing the rest of the army first before killing the commander, am I right? The decision also affect the difficulty of killing the enemy. You can take down the enemy one by one if you use stealth. Or by using open confrontation, you will attract much more enemies which can give you a hard time defeating them at once.

Available in PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, Sniper Elite V2 by Rebellion Development will give you one of the biggest shooter game to play, which will be released on 4 May 2012. There's also special DLC by Rebellion, which give you special event " Assassinate the fuhrer " by pre-ordering the game now. Yes, you're gonna assassinate the fuhrer!

Sniper Elite V2 in Action