"The Truth" DLC Coming with New Ending

"The Truth" DLC is coming with promise of many new improvements and enhancements regarding the Mass Effect 3 gameplay. The biggest expectation surely is on the Mass Effect 3 Ending as many of the players that have got the ending feels that the ending provided by Bioware in Mass Effect 3 is definitely not satisfying, though there are more than 16 endings provided. In the end, Bioware has promised that in the near future, they will release the DLC that focusing on ending enhancement as well as other gameplay improvement, and many rumors mentioned that the promised DLC would be the "The Truth" DLC.

Many gamers that played Mass Effect 3 without a doubt fall in love on the game, but hate the ending so much until there are some wrecks happening on many game forums that talked about Mass Effect 3 ending. Luckily, the rumored "The Truth" DLC is said to offers the “original” ending of Mass Effect 3 in order to replace the previous ending, which likely pissed off many gamers.

"The Truth" - DLC

This "The Truth" DLC is rumored to be released sometime in April on May this year, which is only a couple month further. Many has rumored that this new DLC will provide various improvement, including new multiplayer character, new multiplayer map, and surely the new epilogue for the ending as well. Bioware surely hope that this new ending provided by The Truth can quell the angry fans. Some of the leaked picture on the internet a few days ago shows that the new character for multiplayers would be Batarians and Geth. Though there are also some possibilities that other character will be added as well as some comment on the picture claimed that there will be Prothean Adept Vanguard will be included.

The same leak also mentions that the "The Truth" DLC will continue from the ending of Mass Effect 3. Though no further information, but it seems that this DLC will be able to continue the story if you pick one of the ending of Mass Effect 3.  The player’s choice on the sequence will have a huge effect on the Truth ending, which is claimed as the original ending of Mass Effect 3.

Besides things that mentioned above, The Truth also mentioned to add two new enemy sets, new classes, new multiplayer maps (including the one called Firebase Hive, a small area on the last collector ship). Another picture leak also shows that new multiplayer classes and races that “almost sure” to be included on The Truth will be the Prothean Adept and Vanguard, as mentioned before.

And the last feature of this DLC is also enables the owner to preorder From Ashes DLC to find the player’s DLC weapon in the reinforcement packs.

Regarding the price, many have said that Bioware will release this DLC free of charge. Can you really believe that? A new DLC pack with new multiplayer character and map as well as new ending will be offered for free? It seems that it is too good to be true. Well, let’s all just wait for the "The Truth" DLC released in April or May.