Rachni Queen in Mass Effect 3

Rachni Queen is the leader of all Rachni species, including workers, soldiers, and brood warrior. Besides the most intelligent of all, Rachni Queen also known as the largest of the Rachni species as it comes in about fifty feet long. The most important capability of Rachni Queen is its telepathic song that used to guide the worker, soldier, and brood warrior. Another great thing about Rachni Queen is they were born with the genetic memory of their mothers, which allow them to easily have all knowledge of the previous hive by the time they were born.

Physically, Rachni Queen resembles Rachni Brood Warriors, only much larger than that. They skin is darker compared to the Brood Warriors and they have glowing eyes as well. Most of the time, Rachni Queen mated with Brood Warriors. However, Rachni’s reproductive process, which all carried by the Queen, actually do not require male counterpart at all. It is because besides they carry the genetic memory of their mother since they were born, they are also carry the genetic information of their fathers inside them, which allow them to lay the Rachni eggs even without male around. The speed of Rachni Queen to lay eggs is also worrying as they able to lay an egg within a few hours. If this continues nonstop, then a Rachni Queen could create a big colony less than a week.

Rachni Queen

Rachni Queen

The Mass Effect stories told that quite long time ago, there were a war called Rachni Wars that takes place in Rachni homeworld. The war was started because Rachni race seems to be expanding in rapid speed, make problems for all galaxies. Eventually, Citadel Council sent the Krogan to kill every Rachni Queen on the homeworld and tried to make all Rachni race cease to exist. It proved fail as there was a Rachni Quuen that survived on Noveria in Mass Effect 3.

During a mission, players on Mass Effect 3 will have a chance to choose whether they spare the Rachni Queen’s life or not on Noveria. If the queen survived, then she will be captured by Reapers and tried to be indoctrinated in order to join the war in Reaper’s stake. However, since the queen appears to be immune to the indoctrination, Reapers finally hold her captive on Utukku. The different thing happened to the Rachni Queen’s child as most of them are converted in Ravagers to fight for Reaper’s stake.  Another choice will come up whether Shepard free her and get her support to fight the Reapers by sacrificing Aralakh Company, or let her die and the Reapers will build an artificial queen so they can control the whole Rachni army.

Another choice will comes up as you are allowed to kill the artificial queen or free her. If you decided to free the artificial Rachni Queen, then after a few missions it will takes away all the rachni workers from you and do some great damage on the Alliance Engineering Corps while she escapes. So, it is better to not free the artificial Rachni Queen if you have the choice. Moreover, it is better to just save the real Rachni Queen at the first place so there will be no artificial Rachni Queen created.