Starhawk - SciFi First-Person Shooter Game

Some of you have probably getting bored seeing sci-fi action games which most of the time will face an alien attack which want to control human being. Well, Starhawk maybe can refresh a bit of your mind, as it adopted a different stakes. Being a worker in a mining site of rift energy, player must face the bloodthirsty mutated human after being exposed too much by the glowing blue fuel.



Starhawk is the successor of 2007’s Warhawk, which has been released exclusively for Playstation 3 on May 8 2012. Being a third person shooter game, Starhawk looks similar with the previous Warhawk, with tons of new feature is being added. One of the most notable changes is the single player mode which is not included in Warhawk, but now make its appearance in Starhawk.

The new feature on Starhawk is called “Build n’ Battle”, which allows players to build base infrastructure in the middle of the match. Killing enemies will resulted in rift energy, which can be used to build offensive or defensive structure. The infrastructure you can build includes walls, turrets, watch tower, bunkers, garage, which later can be used to summon “Hawks”, the best part of the game which I will explain later.

The single player mode of Starhawk will focus on Emmet Graves, a worker on the rift mine which was actually being exposed with the glowing blue fuel, but still manage to control of his sanity. In the other hands, the one who will be villain are the worker which was contaminated and losing the grip of their sanity and turns into a bloodthirsty monsters. The story will tells that Emmet’s hometown on planet Dust calls for help, and he is the one who answers the call.

Now talking about the multiplayer mode on Starhawk, a 32-players matches with sprawling battlefields. No original multiplayer mode is adopted, still running on capture the flag or deathmatch mode. But now, the “Build n’ battle” takes it roles, as it gives more strategic elements to the game. How player will manage to organize its defense and attack, as they build base and walls to distract the enemies movement and at the same time building a garage to support the attacking by building vehicle, becoming a major factor in winning a match. And now there’s “Hawk” the game’s best feature. A lot of experience the team get when developing Warhawk has finally paid off, as they successfully implemented what they have learn into a “Hawk” on Starhawk. The three-dimensional aerial combat which usually gives confusion, but the team reach the success in creating the “Hawk” into a great offensive vehicle.

Starhawk has a lot of different elements, and actually being packed in a very nice way to create a balance in the gameplay for each of the elements.  For sci-fi first-person shooter lovers, Starhawk surely feels your hunger as you kills those infected monsters with your gun.

Well, that’s all about Starhawk game review, and I can say that Starhawk has stolen a lot of Playstation 3 players as the game being played online all over the world. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it.