Revelations 2012 - Not A 2012 Game!

What? My first impression of Revelations 2012? Well, just a quick view on the video and I can get a conclusion: Awful! Well, the graphic may seems look okay, but when you start to play the game, you will find out what are lacking on this game. Well, actually, most of the game are awful -_-

Revelations 2012

Revelations 2012

The title Revelations 2012 is a lie for me, as the quality of the game doesn’t resembles the first-person shooter games that was released on 2012. There’s no way Revelations 2012 can compete with Black Ops 2. If Black Ops has reach the top of the mountain, probably Revelations 2012 still left behind in the bottom of the hill. Well, maybe I do write too harsh about the game, but that’s the reality.

Revelations 2012 main storylines talks about Mayan apocalypse, as a mayan dead people suddenly come back to life and start to attack us. Although the game is stated to give much horror thing, well I can’t find anything that scares me. The “dead people” act way too weird, even defies the laws of physics. They walk too fast, making the chilling moment only appears as we try as fast as we can to kill it before it reach us. Still, it was horrible. No impact while shooting, and there’s no reload at all. The shooting motion is the same ever. The lack of motion detail doesn’t resemble a 2012 game at all.

Continue to one of Revelations 2012  mode, cooperative. Well, it’s supposed to be played by up to 4 people online or offline, but if there’re no player around, the 3 other members will be replaced by AI. Here comes more problem. There are all morons. Rarely will we find them acting, taking the lead to banish the mayans. Nope, they’re just trailing behind us, looks confuse.  They can’t pick up ammo or health dropped on the ground. Maybe sometimes they’re shooting at the Mayans, but most of the time, just wander around doing nothing.
Now speaking of Revelations 2012 audio, which was also no good at all. Your weapon sounds like “a dog meowing”. No special audio effect that really resembles the horror thing. Even when there’s a trap like boulders or spiked log, there’s no indication of sound at all, which makes us impossible to notice the trap without seeing it.

Some people says that Revelations 2012  game is trying to adopt Left 4 Dead style, with no success at all. Well, maybe we can call this game “Left and Dead”, as I predict that the game will be left by gamers, and will die eventually.

Talking the bad sides all the time, it was impossible if Revelations 2012 doesn’t have any neat things. Well, maybe the only neat things in the concept of multiplayer mode, Battlegrounds. It’s the combination of first-person shooter, real-time strategy, and online battle arena. The mission is to take down defensive towers and at the same time defending their own. It’s probably the most positive thinking about the game. But once again, the great idea is destroyed by the execution. A lot of error, stuck on the minions, and once again weird movements, makes even a great concept become horrible.

Somehow I wonder, after seeing and reviewing a quite huge amount of games, Revelations 2012 is the only one which has different level, lowest level. Is it the sign of the true apocalypse at the end of 2012, as the Mayans has predicted? If it’s so, that would be horrible, just like Revelations 2012.

In the end, sorry for the harsh words. Revelations 2012 review ends here, hope you like it.