Diablo Server Status – Some Ways to Monitor The Server Status

So, how’s your Sunday? It supposed that you who read this post is a Diablo 3 player right? So, have you encountered the Diablo 3 server is down for several hours? If you do, well what can we say? Blizzard has just ruined our nice Sunday by doing some emergency maintenance.

Diablo Server Status

Diablo Server Status

However, I’m here to inform you a bit about Diablo Server Status. Now you can check the server status for every area in a quick way, by accessing the web page of Diablo 3 here, Diablo Server Status.There you can check about the game servers or the Auction House, is it up or currently down. It’s a quite nice page in my opinion, informing us about the Diablo server status. That make us informed about the current Diablo server status, so that we don’t waste time to keep trying to log into the server when actually the server is down
There’s  this lovely application for Android user, named Diablo Server Status. As the apps name states, it has the same function as the web version, to inform us the current status of Diablo 3 servers. This one is a nice application and has a good response from users, so we can go outside while still monitoring the server status. Quite good to save time or spend your time in more useful way, better than staying in front of the computer just to wait for the server to turn up. You can download it here Diablo Server Status.

Well, not much thing we can do for this issue, right? Blizzard really have to improve their works on keeping the customers satisfy, by making the servers enjoyable for all player. I really questioned why the server must go down on Sunday, as it is the peak day when all gamers are able to play Diablo 3 on their weekend. So, let’s hope that Diablo 3 will be better and better in the future.



the iOS version:


(It will also do real-time-notification)