God of War: Ascension - News and Demo

After the announcement of God of War: Ascension development, now the team finally spilling more detail about the game. Todd Papy as the director is preparing a surprise for you guys, multiplayer mode!

God of War: Ascension

God of War: Ascension

Being the first time for the God of War franchise, God of War: Ascension will introduce multiplayer mode. As the series were strictly single-player only, God of War: Ascension will surely hoping to bring a new concept of multiplayer into the game. Todd Papy stated that this one is the next big thing in the God of War series, while giving a demo of the multiplayer mode.

What will the God of War: Ascension multiplayer looks like? At the beginning of the demo, Todd Papy promises a surprise, and that’s what he gives. 4-versus-4 online multiplayer God of War: Ascension! You would have never imagine about your God of War becoming multiplayer, and they give us 4-versus-4 match. The demo shows a battle between Sparta and Troy, quarreling after the control of territory. Cyclops Polyphemus will also took his role in the multiplayer as he attack the warring armies. The game will have attack and defend phase, as both of the team will try to attack or defend the territory. The controlled zones will also give benefits to the controller as it will have several option to control the Cyclops. Seems interesting, is it?

Kratos won’t be involved in this God of War: Ascension multiplayer mode. The reason stated by Papy is that he thinks no one likes a red kratos, or green kratos (refers to the team separation which use colors on each team uniform). There will be no female character on God of War: Ascension multiplayer, as the character still resembles Kratos image, which was unsuitable if played by female.

The multiplayer mode in God of War: Ascension, as we have learned from the demo, will have five large maps and possibly two small maps. What character will you use on multiplayer, will depends on the gods you choose, from four possibilities of gods (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and Ares). In short, you will act as the champions of Gods, which granted one of the god abilities. You are able to customize your own character, anything from armor, weapon, magics, etc. The multiplayer mode, one thing for sure is domination, and of course there will be more mode which still hasn’t been revealed as it still under development.

The multiplayer of God of War: Ascension will have it’s own little storyline, quite similar to Kratos stories. Well, don’t hope too much for the storyline for single player, play the game if you want to know. The single player will be a “revamped” combat and weapon system, and more “promptless” mini-games and new puzzle. Papy said that the story of God of War: Ascension will be shorter than the previous games. It still will focus on Kratos, young Kratos before becoming the Ghost of Sparta. The story will chronologically be the first chapter of the story of Kratos, raging after his wife and daughter’s death. One thing to be sure is, Kratos is still super upset, as he raging through the Olympus.

God of War: Ascension surely will bring a new challenge, as the story of Kratos continues, and a new multiplayer mode to play with other people. Planned to be released on Spring 2013, let’s wait for the further development of the game, stay tuned on God of War: Ascension twitter page on @GodofWarAscension. End of God of War: Ascension news, hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading ^^