Max Payne 3 - Game Review and Multiplayer Mode

Max Payne is back, and now involved in a gang fight!

Released! The third installment of Max Payne franchise, Max Payne 3 has finally released on May 15 2012 for Xbox 360 and PS3 on Northern America (same date with Diablo 3 :P), and three days later for Europe and Australia. For PC users, please be more patient as it will be released in the end of May ^^

Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 stories still talking about the main character Max Payne, as he “run” into Sao Paulo Brazil and work as a protector of the wealth Rodrigo Branco, hoping to forget his troubled past. Who knows that his life in Sao Paulo will be not much different than before, as Max is pulled into some factions conspiracy.

Rockstar Games as Max Payne 3 developer really turns Max Payne 3 into gold, reviving the glory of Max Payne series 9 years ago. With a lot of changes in features, and of course graphic and detail, the original trademark of Max Payne is still remained in Max Payne 3. How they pack the game into one complete interesting game, with the usual hardcore and breathtaking moment and fascinating stories plus the great gameplay mechanic, I bet the game can reach one of” the game of the year” contender.

Max Payne 3 introduce a lot of feature, and bullet time as its trademark still remains in one of the feature. Just one push on the button, and you will enter slow-motioned bullet time, and Max will dive either forward, backward, or to one side. After that, you will enter the slow motion sequence where Max flies through the air and shooting down enemies. You can feel the intense moment as you’re also seeing bullets fly past his head. Breathtaking, fantastic! There’s also a mode called Last Man Standing, which triggered if Max get killed and actually having painkiller with him. You will enter a mode which requires Max to kill the target before he actually dies. If he manage to kill the target, Max will then stay alive. What a man!

The other significant change in Max Payne 3 is that Rockstar are brave enough to change the way the story being told, from using graphic novel panel into a cut-scenes and interactive sequence. It’s a success actually, as it gives more excitement and more entertaining explanation for the game. Also, we’re talking about Rockstar right? Violence has become some trademark for them, as you will find Max shoot and the bullet pierce through the foe’s eyes and body. Epic!

Another thing improved in Max Payne 3 is its multiplayer mode which brings some kind of storytelling plot. Each round will have connection with the previous round, as the game mode will be different. Example, you will have a bomb mission for round one, and if you (Team A for example) success in defusing the bomb, next round you will enter team deathmatch and have advantage on it.

Much more feature is added for Max Payne 3 multiplayer, one of them is some “Paranoia” bullet. It will gives paranoid effect, which turns everyone on the map looks like enemy for you. If not paying attention,  who knows if you accidentally kill your own teammate.

However, even the greatest game still have some issues. A small issues actually happens on Max Payne 3, like the transition in bullet mode, or in Last Man Standing which at some point you will stuck in the long animation as you have no chance in taking revenge on your attacker. But, the little issues are covered by the overall excellent gameplay of Max Payne 3, making the game still is a great game.

So, Max Payne 3, what are you waiting for? Max will not wait for you, as he has his own business in taking care of his enemies. Thanks, hope you enjoy the article.


Anonymous said...

I'm a big Max Payne fan from the original. This game brings me back to the original and really improved the graphics and game play in this new game. I love the multiplayer it's really fun. The golden guns feel a little silly but overall I liked them, especially when Max was running around wearing a Hawaiian shirt with a golden shotgun. That was pretty great. I’ve been reading reviews on this game for a little while and from what a co-worker of mine at Dish and other people had to say, it’s not a bad game at all so I added it to my Blockbuster@Home queue. I found out about Blockbuster@Home and decided to take advantage of the free trial so I put Max Payne 3 on my queue, this game is something I can't appreciate until I see and play it for myself. It’ll be in my mailbox soon and I can’t wait to start playing it myself in the comfort of my own home. You should play this if you loved the originals or a shooter fan.