Minecraft Xbox Edition - Review and Controversy

The success of minecraft in PC has brought the game into Xbox 360 console! Minecraft Xbox Edition was developed by 4J Studios in conjunction with Mojang and Microsoft Studios. The game was released on May 9th 2012 and breaking records for the first day sales. The minecraft xbox edition game sold over 400.000 copies just in 24 hours, and receive 430.000 ratings in 24-hours time. A huge success, maybe?

Minecraft Xbox Edition

Minecraft Xbox Edition

Much of the minecraft xbox edition content are the same as the PC version. Player will be able to build virtual realities in a sandbox environments. The goal is to survive from mobs and build house. The minecraft xbox edition will use the previous minecraft pc version, beta 1.6.6. However, there will be updates coming so the version will be the same as the PC version.
Although minecraft xbox edition actually a copy from the PC version, it has slight difference to suit the console:
  • Kinect, of course, can be used to assist the player.
  • Consist of 8 default skin types.
  • Minecraft xbox edition features split-screen functionally, which requires HDTV with a HDMI cable component. Up to 4 players can split screen, and up to 8 players if played online. Now this one makes a huge controversy, and will be discussed later.
  • No mods, and texture packs for now, but will be available later.
  • The minecraft xbox edition features tutorial mode, which are not included in PC. (yeah, they have google :D)
  • Always begin a new world with a map.
  • You can’t change world difficulty mid-game. The only way to change it is when you select the world.
  • The world on minecraft xbox edition is limited to 1024 by 1024 blocks. However, it would be expected that the later update will increase the world size, as it will brings the Xbox version up to date with the PC version.
Now, one of the feature on minecraft xbox edition caused a lot of complains from the customers. The one which make the controversy is the one stated that four player can play in co-op offline in a single Xbox 360 IF using HDMI or component cables on HDTV. This one makes the customers lashed out, saying that the advertising doesn’t give any indication that HDTV is needed. Actually there is a mention about HD requirements, but actually in a state that a little will notice it. However, a lot of refund issue has been offered to Microsoft, but all of the has been refused.

Well, as we know not all of gamers use HDTV, some still use tube. Some players are buying the minecraft xbox edition to play it offline in a co-op mode up to four player, and now they can’t play it because they don’t have and HDTV. This one stated by some gamers was a false advertisement, give some ambiguous statement to gamers.

So far, Microsoft hasn’t  officially respond about this thing, and gamers still wondering what will they do with the game.

Well, the controversy still on the line, we’ll see about the ending of the problem in a couple of week. Will the selling of minecraft xbox edition went down because of this, and what is your opinion about the game, feel free to leave comment ^^