Skyrim Nightingale - Nightingale Final Quest and Armor

The one who walks in shadow

Skyrim Nightingale is one of the inner circle of the thieves guild which its purpose is to protect he shrines of Nocturnal throughout Skyrim. You can join the nightingale as they’re propositioned in the thieves guild process. Here I want to give you some detail about the last quest to be nightingale: Trinity Restored, and also nightingale armor and weapon.

Skyrim Nightingale

Skyrim Nightingale

Skyrim Nightingale Final Quest – Trinity Restored

The Skyrim Nightingale final quest requires you to meet up with Karliah and Brynjolf who are located in the center of the Ragged Flagon – Cistern. They will brief you a mission to kill Mercer, as he has betrayed the guild. Karliah then warns that Mercer is a highly trained Nightingale, and Karliah wants to prepare you first before facing Mercer. Meet Karliah at the Standing Stone.

You will discover that Standing Stone is actually the secret headquarters of the Skyrim Nightingales. Find Karliah and follow Karliah to the Nightingale hall. Once you get there, Karliah will told you to wear the Nightingale armor and the ceremony will begin.

Make your way across a wooden bridge and enter the room to your left to find a stone with Nightingale symbol on it. Activate, and a full set of Nightingale armor is added to your inventory. (wow)

After equipping the Skyrim Nightingale armor, the ceremony will begin. After that Karliah will give you some tests that you must complete in order to become Nightingale. We must become a guardian of the Twilight Sepulcher in order to use Nightingale abilities. Choose agree(you are forced to actually, there’s no way back) and the test will begin. Karliah will open a gate into a room with 3 glyphs. The scene will progress as the ritual started and Nocturnal will appear before you. The nocturnal will approve the request to make you a nightingale and tadaah! Now you’re a nightingale.

Once you are a Nightingale, you’ll be told about Mercer’s crime. Long story short, after killing Mercer the quest is done, you are now Thieves guild leader, and also a Skyrim Nightingale.

Skyrim Nightingale Armor

You’ll get skyrim nightingale armor from Trinity Restored Quest. Wearing all four set of the light armor: armor, hood, gloves, boots, will give you 69 base armor and 18 weight, also if you wear all four piece will give special effect “Nightingale Armof Full Set” which granted 25% armor rating. Custom Fit and Matching Set perks are required.

Skyrim Nightingale Armor can be improved using void salts. There will be six levels of improvements: Fine, Superior, Exquisite, Flawless, Epic, and Legendary. A full set of Nightingale and a high light armor skills and perks will give you around 80% damage reduction. Wow!

The Skyrim Nightingale armor value will depends on your level on the beginning of the quest. The higher your level, the better the attribute will be. I suggest to take this quest after you have a high level.

Skyrim Nightingale Blade
Different from Skyrim Nightingale Armor, the blade is acquired faster, a reward after thieves guild quest Hard Answers. It was previously owned by the deceased thieves guild leader Gallus Desidenius.

Skyrim Nightingale Blade enchantment always “absorb x points of health” and absorb x points of stamina”. The base weapon damage of the weapon will increase depends on your level, so completing the quest when your level is already high is recommended.

I think that’s all the major part you need to know about Skyrim Nightingales, from the last quest and the armor and blade. Hope this Skyrim Nightingales guide will help you. Thanks for reading ^^