Runecrafting - Tips and Trick

Here I will tell you about some Tips and Tricks for Runecrafting in Runescape. Enjoy ^^
  • The longer you can mine the essence, the more efficient you are. Wield only a pickaxe, wear nothing so you will have minimum weight and the mining can go longer
  • There’s some items that if you wear it will give reduce weight bonus so you can mine longer. The item are: Spotted Cape or Penance Gloves, Agile top and Agile legs, Boots of Lightness.
  • Have pouch with you, as it can carry many more essence. It will save your time in the long run.
  • Pouch can be acquired by killing Abyssal Creatures.
  • Zamorak Mini-Quest gives access to pouches and abyss. The Abyss gives more direct route to runecrafting temples, saves a little bit of your time. However, it’s only for members only.
  • Lumbridge Explorer’s Ring 2, 3, or 4 will gives you one additional runes if you’re runecrafting any elemental runes (air, water, earth, fire). It also gives full experience in each additional runes.
  • The same effect also applied to Ardougne Cload 2 or 3, as it will gives you additional runes when runecrafting at Zamorak Mage Institute or Ourania Altar. However, the bonus runes will gives no additional exp.



  • I suggest you to complete Rune Mysteries quest first before doing some runecrafting. It will unlocks helpful elements to the skill.
  • You can buy talismans from other players or by killing elemental wizards located on north of Port Sarim. Body talismans can be found in hill giant’s cavern.
  • Talisman will help you find ruins. Just right click the talisman and select “locate”. It will then point at some direction.
  • Your runecrafting level is important, as you may get more runes for every run.
  • A binding necklace will gives you more XP for each essence
  • A lot of runes is used for stronger spells. For example chaos runes and death runes. However, some of that runes are only accessible for member servers.
  • Always be prepared on random event attacking you. Run if you get attacked as you will not wearing any equipments when runecrafting
  • Be cautious when entering Jungle on Karajama as there’s possibilities on getting poisoned if there are players has been doing the Jungle Cleanup minigame.
  • 422 rune essence is needed  to craft air runes to reach level 11. You will need Air runecrafting gloves.
  • 5740 pure rune essence is needed to go from level 33 to 44 by crafting cosmic runes (members only)
  • 10581 essence is needed to go from level 44 to 54 by crafting nature runes (members only)
  • Get some coffee and listen to music. Sometimes runecrafting can be boring and depressing, but it will worth it in the end.

Well in the end, Runecrafting is the fastest way to gain experience or getting a great amount of money. The new update of Runespan dungeon makes it easier actually, giving more exp per hour. It maybe kinda boring, but it actually worth it in the end. Well, I hope some of tips and trick above will help you in your runecrafting days. Good luck!