Dead Space 3 - Will It Gives The Same Horror As Before?

The information is still lacking, only a rumor actually, but we knew that Dead Space 3 is coming. And the latest information said that we will get co-op mode on Dead Space 3!

Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3

Dead Space franchise is known for its horror and terrifying gameplay and has taken a lot of gamers heart. Dead Space 3 still talking about Isaac Clarke and his journey fighting creepy monsters. In Dead Space 3its said that there will be several changes on gameplay, weapon, and enemy types.

The most notable changes that has made its controversy since the last Dead Space version is the co-op mode, and now in Dead Space 3, the co-op mode will have the same storyline as the single mode. You’ll play as Isaac (of course) and the other player will play as Isaac’s companion. There will be several changes on the story to support the co-op mode, but will not have a big impact on the storyline. With your partner, you’ll be able to share ammo and heal each other. There’s no revive though, you will still be kicked back to the last check point if one of you are dead.

Another information said that Isaac’s weapon, plasma cutter, will be changed completely. If you play the previous version, you’ll find that plasma cutter shot is horizontal, and now you’ll find it vertical. The other weapon will have their changes too. Plus, the workbench system is being renewed, it will be different from the latest version.

One thing we learn about Isaac Clarke, is that in Dead Space 3 he finally can crouch! Now he will be able to hides behind small objects, hiding from enemies attack. Another changes to Isaac is that now he can roll left/right.

In Dead Space 3, you’ll find a lot of icy things, as Isaac must fight Necromorphs on the ice world. Dead Space 3 also introduced ‘gigantic’ monsters for Isaac to deal with, giving more horror to the gameplay. The information said that at one scene, Isaac will have to face a massive worm-like beast bursting out from nowhere and start to attack him. Scary, isn’t it? And now there will be human enemy to face, as the human had transformed into necromorph.

Well, talking about much of the game improvement, some fans are started to feel uneasy about it.  Some fans feels that the changes will make the game less horror than before. At first all the game will talk about is horror, and now as the improvement being implemented, they said that the game has changed into more action than horror. Well, we don’t know what the developer has planned with Dead Space 3, and of course all the fans will hope for the best for Dead Space 3. Will it be horror, will it be action, the success will be determined by the player.

Well, E3 is coming in nearly a month from now and probably we will get much more information for Dead Space 3. So let’s hope that the game will give horror into your gaming experience. Thanks for reading everyone ^^