Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Update

Ghost recon fans, you’d better prepare for the upcoming release of Ghost Recon : Future Soldier! Ubisoft  has stated that It will be released on May 2012, and will be the fourth installment of Ghost Recon Series. Compared to the previous series, Ghost Recon : Future Soldier will use the most futuristic setting!

Ghost Recon : Future Soldier

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

The basic concept of Ghost Recon : Future Soldier is still the same. Third-person cover-based shooter, and change to first person while aiming, still there. Your cover can be destroyed actually, and force you for a new hiding spot. When under fire by a machine gun, your screen will shake and your vision will decrease, making it harder to return fire and force you to search for cover and make a plan to counter it.

The Ghost Recon : Future Soldier single player campaign will consist of 12 missions around the world. At some moment you will face the horde in Africa, and next thing you know, you will be on a submarine in far arctic. You still act as the commander of a squad like the previous series. Actually there’s a new feature added for Ghost Recon : Future Soldier, where the commanders (you) can control a drone, which is used to spy the enemy positions. The commanders can see what the drone see, to help making a plan to assault the enemy. Actually the drone can be spotted and shoot down by the enemy, so use it carefully.

More on Ghost Recon : Future Soldier, the commanders can now tag four enemies for a synchronized attack with your squad.  Example, you have four enemies  up ahead in different direction. You can tag up to four of them to be eliminated by your squad. After your squad is ready, give the go ahead and your squad will take down the assigned enemy. This feature will be used often on single mode to complete the mission.

Ghost Recon : Future Soldier also introduced Horde mode as in CoD series. You must face 50 waves of enemies, stronger on each waves. The different is, that you’re not supposed to stick in one point, but rather it was vary. At one point you are supposed to attack, and at other point you need to defend.

Some new high technology also being introduced to the game to support the name, Ghost Recon Future Soldier. There’s a feature called “optical camouflage” which makes you harder to be spotted by the enemy if you stay low. If the player moves too quickly, or firing the enemy, then the camouflage will be deactivate.

Ghost Recon : Future Soldier also allowed players to customize their own weapon. They can change parts of the weapon, like optics, paint, triggers, side barrel, under barrel, magazines, gas systems, stocks, muzzles, barrels, gas system. The feature was possible in single or multiplayer mode.

There’s a slight changes in managing your squad for Ghost Recon : Future Soldier. You’re not going to micromanage the team, instead you can mark the targets and your squad will focusing their fire to the target.

So, May 2012 it is. A lot of fans has been waiting for Ghost Recon : Future Soldier for long.  The franchise has given a great shooting experience, and now the Ghost Recon : Future Soldier may bring another great shooting game to play. Let’s just wait ^^