Tera Online Classes Guide

Had just started Tera Online and are having some difficulty in choosing class? Well, you've come to the right place! In this article i will tell you about about each class in Tera Online, maybe it can help you to choose between one ^^

Tera Online Classes Guide

Tera Online

Talking about MMORPG, usually players are being given chance to choose their character class. Well, actually Tera Online gives quite plenty choices of classes and races combination. The combination between class and race will create different effect and different advantage. So, let me show how things work.
First let's start with classes in Tera Online, which are categorized into 4 type: tanker, melee dps, ranged dps, and support

First, the tanker class

Lancer is the main tank class on Tera Online, due to it's heavy armor and large shield. It has the second highest HP from the rest of the classes. Actually, they are only given a tuny damage rating, but are number one on survivability. Lancer has the potential of blocking 100% damage from the front and half from the rear. Usually, if the enemies DPSer are facing lancer, they intend to sneak and attack from behind, but a good lancer will easilly change it defense position to cover their weak spot. Lancer is also granted with a dash ability which can run faster than mounted players. This dash gives so much help in fleeing the battle or chasing some ranged enemy.

Pick this one if you are a defensive type who loves to take huge damage for your party but still survive.

Warrior is also a tank with different capabilities than Lancer. If lancer is high on defense, Warrior best part is their evasion. Using light armor, Warrior is the swiftest class and have the highest HP from the other character. It has the highest movement speed to dodge and run from the enemy. In Tera Online, Warrior has a unique attacking style. It actually not a single-target attack, but are an arc. If you're inside warrior's sword swing area, you'll get hit even though you're not the target. Somehow warrior at Tera Online is similar to Rogue or Assassin in other RPG.

Pick Warrior if you loves to dodge and chase enemy with a high speed but can still take a lot of damage.

Now move on to melee DPSer on Tera Online

The best DPSer in Tera Online, tied with archer. Berserker has the highest weapon damage rating, but actually only comes second in damage rating. Berserker also possessed the highest crit rate. Despite that berserker also wears heavy armor, Berserker's purpose is definitely not as a tanker. Its potential is to give a huge blow to enemies tanker ^^ Although Berserker are slow, only 0,7 attack speed, it can deal a huge damage. Sometimes they can do a one-shot to enemies, which covers its slow attack speed. Berserker do splash damage, but doesn't deal full damage as if it was full-on hit.

Pick this class if you like to tear enemy apart with huge damage.

The other DPSer class of Tera Online. Its attack is not as strong as berserker, except the high critical rate matching the berserker. Slayer's wield giant swords and wear light armor. Slayer is basically faster than Berserker, make it more flexible in battle. It has faster attack speed, but slightly lower on attack. The range of their attack is far enough to give troubles to ranged unit like archer and sorcerer. Slayer actually resembles Assassin from the other RPG, more than warrior.

Pick Slayer if you like to roam over the battlefield dealing high damage and countering Archer and Sorcerer

End with melee, move on to ranged DPSer on Tera Online

Archer, is still an archer on Tera Online. This class deals a massive damage from longe range. A typical archer wears bow and light armor. But diffrent from the other MMORPG, bow in Tera Online doesn't requires any ammo. The arrow is considers 'magical', makes the bow into magical item in crafting. Archer has the equal damage rating with berserker, plus it is ranged. The class have a variety of Traps, which can be used to give some effect to enemy. But, as weakness, it has the second lowest HP. But by having some skills to stun enemies and dodge, Archer still has the ability to survive, by outranging their foes.

Pick one if you loves to snipe enemies from afar, and loves to deals the finishing moves in a party.

The magic damage dealer on Tera Online, it has a huge type of spells, which has wide variety of single and AOE spells. Sorcerer deals fourth highest damage behind berserker, slayer, and archer, but are great in dealing with a lot of enemies due to its AOE spells. In Tera Online, there will be no such an elemental attack. Example, you're free to attack some lava golem with fire spell. Sorcerer is a class that will get stronger in high level, so better go on leveling before doing some PvP.

Pick Sorcerer if you're a magical-type gamer.

Well, each categories has two class, so move on to Support classes on Tera Online.

The main supporter in every MMORPG, no different here in Tera Online. They actually have the lowest HP, lowest defense, lowest on everything! But heck, they can heal themselves and others! They're still needed. Actually, not much to explain for Priest, except that this class is the best supporter around Tera Online that are needed by the team.

The same as Priest, all his status are lowest. But actually, mystic is one of a unique class.  It also has healing spells, just fewer than Priest. Mystic has four pets, known as Thrall. Thrall is the one that stands out, which deal a good amount of damage. One most annoying of mystic is their 'Teleport Jaunt' which can teleport him  14 meters to the direction he is currently facing. This one annoys the DPSer class who want to kill the mystic.

Pick mystic if you love supportive class

That's it! Eight different classes on Tera Online for you to pick, with it's advantage and disadvantage. On the next post of Tera Online I will give you things about racial and the effect on each class. Stay tuned!